Mario and Bowser: Frenemies Forever 2

'The Enemy' (Chapter 1)

Preface: Mario and Bowser, eternal enemies, rivals, and more before a single pivotal decision splits their lives and the world in two. Can they make another one to fix it or is it all too far gone?...

Zoom! A mushroom powered racer lifts off a ramp to clear the one-thousand foot drop below. Screech! The racer in eighth overshoots a tight curve. Sparks fly from the metal rails separating them from death. The racer directly behind misses even that and Lakitu rushes to 'fish' them to safety. The first place racer uses their Koopa Troopa shells to block the perfectly aimed red shell barrage from the disgruntled second place racer.~

This was a Mario Kart race where a group of heroes, villains, and those somewhere in between routinely took it to the streets, the dirt tracks, the underwater tracks, sand paths, snow piles, and whatever Cheese Land is supposed to be to win the gold. On this day as the start of a recreation weekend, the race took place on the spacey Rainbow Road. Calming music played and comets darted through the dark sky. It would almost be easy to miss fierce rivalries at every turn..

"Finally I caught up with ya, moustache.." King Bowser Koopa growled as he trailed a few yards behind Mario in his kart. His massive clawed hands gripped the steering wheel tighter in concentration. He'd fought his way up from the pack and not even his low acceleration was going to stop him.

Gentle wind blew through Mario's hair and mustache as he cooly held the lead in the final lap. He lived for the thrill and would host these death defying events everyday if he could. (In fact he had for a moment but then all of his friends protested outside his house, so that was cut short real soon.) The next item box gifted him a single banana, immediately deployed behind his kart as he saw Bowser approaching in his rear view.

"Now you can't ignore me, plumber boy!" Bowser pulled up parallel, and so he and Mario took turns glaring at each other for a half second before bringing their attention back to the daring terrain. "Just wait until I get a Super Leaf!" Bowser veered into Mario's path, bumping the plumber almost off the edge.

Mario tried to retaliate but Bowser didn't bulge from the middle of the road. "Gained some pounds? You know that item's only in Mario Kart 7, right?"

"Like I care what blasted game this is! Gahh!"

Bowser veered over again and Mario had to tap the breaks, allowing the third place racer to come up. With unusual speed Toad zoom past Mario and Bowser. Ahead of them and right before a anti-gravity loop in the stage, the thundercloud trailing the mushroom retainer went off. Zap! In a blinding flash Toad was shrunk, letting Mario and Bowser overtake his spot.

"Good riddance. These losers were starting to get too much narration," Bowser said. "This is about OUR rivalry. Now watch this. I've done all of the calculations and this will hit you smack in that stupid round face!" Bowser tossed a shell at the wall before the loop but it bounced back and instead hit someone way behind him.

"Daddy! Whhhhy?" someone that sounded like Bowser Junior screeched.

Nervously whistling, Bowser pretended he didn't hear that. Still neck and neck with his rival, they went on the anti gravity loop around, the last one before the finish. They heard Yoshi catching up, then many other racers when catastrophe stuck! With a clap of thunder everyone was shrunken now, even the twelfth place racer. How could this happen? Well actually far up in the heavens, even farther than Rainbow Road, the Great Eldstar's pager went off, a way to relay that their known Mushroom World needed attention somehow.

"Strike? Y/N?" the flickering screen of the fate altering device conveyed. Before the ancient star could answer, the pager vibrated off his counter top to the white marble floors with such a loud clack that he also dropped the star shard he was polishing. The priceless artifact made more noise and now he'd surely woken everyone up in the Star Temple.

"Are you okay?" Twink's childlike voice echoed from across the hall. The star child had company as a few other stars, guardians of the world for the pure hearted, poured into the cramped space.

"All is fine," Klevar spoke first, ancient books for study tucked under his arms. "There was a Mario Kart scheduled today and the Great Eldstar must consider the plead for his power carefully..."

Eldstar nodded but retrieving the interstellar communication device he didn't bother to correct Klevar with the fact that he always auto replied 'yes'. It was just easier that way. What could go wrong?

The race continued just yards from the finish, but in fun size! Eleven racers, Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Peach, Toad, Bowser, Donkey Kong, Koopa, Toadette, Junior, and Birdo were in one massive group with all the same stats. Condolences to anyone who spent many coins on a high tier list max speed load out. They bumped each other relentlessly and a few racers even fell off. Mario pushed the pedal to the metal at the opening for first. Bowser saw this and slammed the gas as well. The finish line was only a few meters away and the two gunned it past all remaining racers. Both hero and villain crossed the line in miniature form.

Later and normal sized, the eleven racers eagerly gathered around in the an open garage like area Rainbow Road had to see their final score.

"Dfkd s flksdj f lksdfe wr!" Toad spoke to everyone who was getting restless. Getting lightning attacked twice, he was twitching a lot and everyone stood back.

"Keep your pants on, alright? I finally got this junk to work," Lakitu grumbled behind the dusty laptop. "Third place Yoshi. Second… Toad by some miracle." Lakitu paused for a while before reading the final result on screen, counting over and over on his little fingers.

"WHO WON ALREADY?!" several racers shouted.

Lakitu rolled his eyes, ready to quit forever. "First place in the cup with the highest score is….Mario-"

Mario jumped in the air in triumph.

"-and Bowser with a score of fifty points. The rest of you? You lose, go home!"

Mario landed on the ground wide eyed as everyone else dispersed. Baffled beyond belief he had no clue how this happened. He came up with this sport based on his brief experiences as a taxi driver and knew the game well. There could not be two winners, if so no one really won!

"Umm, excuse me?" Mario spoke up to Lakitu who ignored him.

"Get over there!" Bowser cut him off. "I don't count this as a win either. Me sharing the trophy with you? Gross. But, uh, I'll keep it safe for ya." He held fake gold trophy close to himself dearly.

"Keep it koopa since you're already breathing all over it. Let's have a rematch right after this week's sports. My tennis game with Luigi is tomorrow but after that we can duel. Deal?"

Bowser flashed his sharp teeth in an expression that could vaguely be described as a smile."You're on!.. Oh, the brats are here to pick me and Junior up," he added as a massive koopa airship was approaching above. Bowser looked around. The lobby had soda machines of several sorts and stale candy under a hood. "I'm getting a drink, want something?"

"I'm on a diet." Of course the plumber wasn't, and Bowser staring through him let him know the deflection failed.

Bowser instead guffawed. "Yeah right! Since one of us here isn't fat, spare me a few coins. A want a Morel Moxie and I left my wallet in my other shell."

Mario begrudgingly dug in his pocket to see what he had, noting how quickly everyone had left. His friends sure knew how to hustle away after a sports game. He had lint, a paper clip, and three coins. "Where is everyone?"

Bowser flashed him that 'grin' again. "Dunno. What's stopping you from joining 'em? I'm the one stuck here waiting here for my ride. You could have left anytime but I know, I'm irresistible. Ha! Why don't you tell the princess that too sometime?"

Mario face palm so that he didn't see the shadow of the anchor from Bowser's doomship on the ground and swinging right over his head. Right as Bowser was slipping the coins in a machine, the heavy steel anchor made a sudden drop. Bam! There was another wipe out, but it wasn't on the track this time. Mario was now sprawled out on the ground, knocked out cold…

Keep your friends close, enemies closer. That motto the plumber took to heart whether racing to save the world and save the princess or casually go-karting with Bowser. Either way 'the enemy' stayed under close watch visually and audibly. The two spoke nearly everyday, if only just to make sure the koopa had nothing up his sleeves! The fight against 'the enemy' never stopped and so Mario never stopped- Unless he had a mild concussion…

After a six hour stay at the Sky Land ER, Mario was discharged and told to rest and take his aspirin. Before leaving a traumatized looking nurse handed him a special discharge letter from a 'pal'.

To Mario: This is Bowser. Yeah my koopaling brats don't really have a license to drive the airship. Whoops! I guess they were rushing because Junior has a Koopa Scouts trip to go on tonight. Anyway I'll make it up to you, especially since my kids are driving me crazy these days. How? I'll be your tennis partner tomorrow! Genius right? Cause then you'll actually win and that'll mean I will win! Luigi can sit on the bleachers. I changed the forms and everything already by [the word 'threatening' is scratched out] 'explaining' the situation to Lakitu. Get ready!

PS. This isn't a ploy to get my very own medal for once or anything.. Btw, our shared trophy is still safe and under my watchful care!

To be continued...

Author note: Titled as a sequel but actually a do-over of my story from 2017. While the theme and some events are borrowed early on, I'm going in a completely different direction very soon and I overall consider this a new story which is why its a new separate entry and I'm keeping the old stories up.

TL;DR: This story is meant to replace 'Mario and Bowser: Frenemies Forever' (1) and 'Mario and Bowser's New Frenemy Adventure'.

Completed (for my reference): 5/16/19, 5/17, 5/26/19, 6/2, 6/4, 6/10

edit: 6/20/19, 6/23, 7/1