Mechayoshi Game collection: Last update 4/7/24


Nintendo DS/ 3DS games and completion:

  1. New Super Mario Bros: 100% com. 3 Stars, CIB copy

  2. Mario Kart DS: CIB copy. All unlocks all missions (not all staff ghosts)

  3. Wario Ware DIY: cart only, not complete

  4. Yoshi’s Island DS: CIB, not complete

  5. Super Mario 64 DS: cart only- 100% com.

  6. Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story: cart only not complete

  7. Mario Kart 7: Digital copy, missing full gold parts and gold wheel

  8. Paper Mario Sticker Star: CIB, 100% com.

  9. Super Smash Bros 3DS: CIB, mostly complete but missing DLC

  10. Super Mario 3D Land: CIB (red box) 100% com.

  11. Mario Tennis Aces: CIB, 100%, except for some online stuff

  12. New Super Mario Bros 2: CIB, 100% com.

Other notes: Copy of NSMB is the second copy I’ve owned. Same for MKDS and SM64DS.

Game Boy (cart only unless noted)

  1. Game & Watch Gallery

  2. Game & Watch Gallery 2

  3. Game & Watch Gallery 3

  4. Wario Land 2 (black cart)

  5. Donkey Kong

  6. Super Mario Land 2

  7. Tetris

  8. Faceball

  9. Yoshi

  10. Wario Land 3

  11. Mario Golf

  12. Super Mario World: SMA2: CIB, 100% com.

  13. Super Mario Bros 3: SMA4

  14. Yoshi’s Island: SMA3

Other notes: Copy of SMB3 is the second I’ve owned.

Gamecube/ Wii/ Wii U

  1. Super Smash Bros Melee: CIB

  2. Paper Mario TTYD: CIB, Players Choice

  3. Mario Superstar Baseball: CIB

  4. Warioware inc. Mega Party Games: CIB

  5. Mario Party 6: CIB

  6. Mario Power Tennis: CIB (best seller, not Players Choice)

  7. Wii Sports: Bundle CIB

  8. Super Mario Galaxy: Missing manual, inserts

  9. Animal Crossing City Folks: CIB

  10. Mario Party 8: CIB

  11. Wario Land Shake it: CIB

  12. Warioware Smooth moves: CIB

  13. Mario Super Sluggers: CIB

  14. Super Paper Mario: Nintendo Selects, missing some inserts

  15. Mario Kart Wii: CIB with wii wheel, no large box

  16. Super Smash Bros Brawl: CIB

  17. Wii Party: CIB

  18. Mario Party 9: CIB

  19. Super Mario Strikers: disk only

  20. Wii sports resort: disk only

  21. Nintendo Land: disk only

  22. Paper Mario color splash: CIB

  23. New Super Mario Bros Wii: CIB (red box)

  24. Super Smash Bros 4 WiiU: Digital bundle, manual

  25. New Super Mario Bros U: CIB

  26. Super Mario 3D World: CIB

  27. Super Mario Maker: CIB, with box and extras

  28. NES Remix pack: CIB, Nintendo Selects

  29. Wipeout the Game: Disc only

  30. Mario Strikers Charged: CIB

  31. Super Mario All-Stars: Limited Edition: (with CD, missing some inserts)


  1. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: CIB

  2. Super Mario Odyssey: CIB

  3. Paper Mario: Origami King CIB

  4. Super Mario 3D All-Stars CIB

  5. Mario Maker 2: CIB

  6. Splatoon 3: CIB

  7. Smash Bros Ultimate
  8. Super Mario RPG

Digital only games/ other

  1. Super Smash for WiiU: pack in

  2. Splatoon: pack in

  3. Paper Mario: Wii Virtual console

  4. Mario Kart 7: 3DS xl pack in

  5. Mario Tennis: WiiU Virtual console

  6. Animal Crossing New Leaf: digital

  7. Tomodachi Life: digital

  8. 3DS themes: Luigi, Smash brothers, Mario Hanafuda

  9. Super Mario Kart: Wii Virtual console

  10. Super Mario 35 + other Nintendo Online bonuses

  11. Mario and Luigi: Paper Jam

  12. Mario Party: The Top 100

  13. Mario Party: Star Rush

  14. Mario Party: Island Tour

  15. Mario and Donkey Kong: Minis on the Move

  16. Mario Golf: World Tour

  17. Wario Land: Super Mario Land 3 (Virtual Console)

Retro Console Games

  1. Urban Champion NES

  2. Wrecking Crew NES

  3. Super Mario bros NES

  4. Super Mario bros 2 NES

  5. Super Mario bros 3 NES

  6. Wallstreet kid NES

  7. Balloon Fight NES

  8. Pinball NES

  9. Gyromite NES

  10. Baseball NES

  11. SMB/ Duck Hunt NES

  12. Star Fox SNES

  13. Donkey Kong Country 2 SNES

  14. Super Mario World SNES

  15. Mario Paint SNES

  16. Super Game Boy


  1. Game and Watch: Super Mario Bros CIB

Non- Nintendo

  1. Rampage Total Destruction Playstation 2

  2. Sims 2 Castaway PS2

  3. Tom Clancy Splinter cell PS2 disc only

  4. Peter Jackson King Kong PS2 disc only

  5. Playstation Magazine Sep 1999 demo disc

  6. Thrillville PS2 disc only

  7. Star Wars Battlefront Renegade squadron PSP: disc and sleeve, case

  8. PC Gamer demo discs: Sep 2011, April 11, April 10, May 10, Feb 10, Jan 11, July 10, Holiday 10, May 11, March 11, Dec 10, June 10, Sep 10, August 10, Nov 10, Dec 10

  9. Spelunky 2

  10. World of Padman

  11. Deus Ex

  12. A plethora of other PC games over the years but if I’m no longer playing them or caring I’m not bothering to list, sorry. Think of them as ‘sold away’ even if digitally.

Note: September 2010 and August 2010 are the eco discs, thankfully mine has never blown up. These came with exclusive game demos at times including a special modified Minecraft installation from the beta times.

Consoles and Accessories

  1. Wii console: white original version (not mini or family edition) with stand.

  2. Wii remotes: two white, one luigi special with motion control.

  3. Wii nunchucks: one white one black

  4. Wii motion plus: the standalone version, one black

  5. WiiU: Black 32gb SSB4 and Splatoon pack in

  6. Nintendo Switch: black version with included parts

  7. Switch case: just a red one for the console, purchased from ebay

  8. SNES: normal version, “EJECT” button written in white (yes that matters).

  9. SNES controllers: two

  10. GBA SP Charcoal AGS-101

  11. Game Boy Pocket yellow

  12. Playstation 2: fat version

  13. Playstation 2 controllers: one black, one blue

  14. PS2 memory card

  15. PS1 memory card

  16. Playstation Portable slim: White Starwars battle front version with game.

  17. PSP cases, Starwars and black sleeve from PSP 1000

  18. FC Game Console: In box

  19. (NO LONGER OWN)New 3DS: black, mario faceplate

  20. Mario Classic Controller

  21. Classic Controller

  22. Gamecube controllers: two

  23. GCN memory card

  24. GCN mic (Mario party 7 pack in)

  25. NES controllers: org. two

  26. Luigi N3ds plate

  27. Yoshi 3ds case

  28. Luigi 3ds case

  29. Wii 4 game Donkey kong jewel case

  30. New 2DS XL (black and blue)

Note: My gosh darn New 3DS, the original model with the face plates was sent in to Nintendo for repair mid 2020 after I got tired of games freezing...they sent back a New 2DS XL and didn’t fix a thing. My face plates...worthless. Arggg!!!! Don’t ever send Nintendo your handhelds!!!

Update as of mid 2023. I’m still bitter, though my 2DS is hacked at this point and I’m straight up downloading roms. Yeah. Deal with it, lol.