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Personal Stuff

-List of Mario and gaming memorabilia (plain text)

-List of Games, systems, and more (plain text)

-List of Books and Mags (plain text)

-Link to Images Google Drive folder

Guitar Stuff

-Link to Gallien-Krueger 2000 catalog (personal scan)

-Link to Gallien-Krueger 2007 catalog (personal scan)

-Link to Jackson 2000 catalog (personal scan)

-Link to Jackson Performer Series catalog (personal scan)

-Link to Jackson AX/S Series flyer (personal scan)

-Link to Charvel San Dimas catalog (personal scan)

Fiction Stuff

Mario and Bowser: Frenemies Forever Redux 2019 version:

-Here is the removed version. Be aware I edited and improved the story all during 2020 and 2021, up to very early 2022 when I realized I'd grown as a writer it was best to stop patch working and start fresh. I had different perspective anyway. That's the live ongoing version you will see online now. (See Works Tab) Normally I do not remove works of mine off the internet, but this was a rare instance where keeping this up would detract from the new one and/or confuse someone possibly.

Fun fact: On the FF.net version of the rewrite I have a change log on the last chapter. There you can see what chapter titles I chose to keep and what I chose to change with a little bit of commentary.

  1. The Enemy
  2. Bros Before Koopas
  3. Power Shots Were Cheap Anyway
  4. In Which There Is A Mystery
  5. Ludwig's Schemes
  6. A Soggy High Heel
  7. No Courage, Nerves, or Pronouns/Later edit.
  8. Bowser Wins
  9. A Speciest and Nationalist Concept
  10. Typical Saturday Morning
  11. Property of Bowser./Later edit.
  12. Arcane Gang Symbol./Later edit
  13. Brutality and Complexity One of my favorite old chapters, not to spoil../Later edit.
  14. Rambo Mario./Later edit.
  15. The Missing Piece./Later edit.
  16. A Modest Proposal Another fav, ha ha../Later edit.
  17. The New Mario and Bowser/Later edit.
  18. The New Mario and Bowser prt. 2
  19. Luigi's Awesomely Ambivalent Allegory
  20. Luigi's Awesomely Ambivalent Allegory prt. 2
  21. Cause and Effect
  22. Epilogue: The Friend Slight later edit. here.