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Nintendo Adventure Books Guides


Hello and welcome to my guides for the Nintendo Adventure Books. Quick history: They consist of twelve books published from 1991 to 1992 by Archway Books in US and Mammoth Books in the UK. The series had two writers under pseudonyms. A little later promotional 'Pringles' editions were re-released. For some more personal background, I first discovered and collected some of these back in 2007 when they were only pocket change. Now, while most aren't 'rare', they have dramatically increased depending on the book. (Zelda ones are made of gold apparently.) I owned three initially (Monster Mix-up, Leaping Lizards, and Brain Drain) but have since collected or gotten a chance to read a few more. There isn't much in depth coverage of these books online so I created this page, primarily to focus on the Mario books. Follow the key below:

Other things I will go over if I can is the optimal path: what I feel is the best path from start to end. Some more note on that, what is the 'best' path depends on the book. Typically it will be the path that will take the reader to the end with the item(s) needed without getting stuck or looped around too much. Obviously we avoid penalties and game overs as well. Sometimes a slightly longer path is more of what the book expects, giving you exposition so if that's the case I will take that into account when sharing whatever I've mapped out. Focusing on maximum points in my guides will be uncommon however because these books frequently have a flaw where the high score is infinite or guaranteed or impossible due to design. This will be mentioned in the guides if the case.

Pressing the F3 or equivalent (Ctrl+F) for your browser is highly encouraged to navigate. For clarity's sake when I am referring to a page within a paragraph I will spell out numbers to not clutter up your search results. I will also attempt some color coding to make it easier to visually map paths. To recap if Page 1 'splits' (sends you) to Page 32, you would search on the web page for 'Page 32' exactly and you would jump not only to that particular entry but all other pages that contain a "path from" or a "split to" involving that page. If it still doesn't make sense, just try it out on one of the guides. It may seem convoluted to jump up and down on the page so much, but that's the twisty nature of such CYOA books!

I hope you enjoy. I'm not an expert book mapper so this was at times an ordeal to map out by hand but worth it to give this series the attention it deserves and to do something no one else has bothered with to my knowledge. Contact me using one of the accounts listed on the 'About me' on the homepage if there are any errors I've made. Thank you, and read on!

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The guides in order of completion:

  1. Monster Mix-up
  2. Dinosaur Dilemma
  3. Leaping Lizards
  4. Brain Drain
  5. Double Trouble
  6. Pipe Down!
  7. Flown the Koopa
  8. Koopa Kapers
  9. Doors to Doom
  10. Unjust Desserts

Types of puzzles in Nintendo Adventure Books:

Other terms used:

US vs UK versions with images:

Double Trouble vs Leaping Lizards Front Covers

Book spines

Inside covers

First page

Double Trouble second page

Leaping Lizards second page

The back covers.Notice the full color images in the Mammoth published version and the advertising of unrelated books.