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Amia and The Mario Clash Discography: 2015- onward

Introduction: Using GarageBand on iOs I began releasing music on Soundcloud around 2015. My second and current project called is ‘The Mario Clash’ starting in 2018. Here is an overview of releases under 'Amia Moore' and 'The Mario Clash'. All songs, including ones not included in some of the playlists listed below, can be found in the link. For more details about me, hit the 'Misc' section.

-Genres: Electronica/ rock/ hardcore (early) electronica/ extreme metal/ hardcore (current)

BooTracker 2000 (2015)

Boo Tracker 2000 art

The first album, actually a collection of all songs created at the time with no overall theme or anything. The cover image labeled ‘Halloween’ (has nothing to actually do with the holiday) was way back from 10/31/11. It became this albums cover because it was simply on hand and I made it a running theme for all subsequent albums. There are two song listings, the official full alphabetical one and a second listed on Soundcloud in 2016 with only a few of the songs. Unfortunately because these songs were on an old Ipad that was stolen, these cannot be remastered or reuploaded in higher quality than the 128 bit rate some of them are.

Listen here

Full listing:

  1. Bass Colony
  2. Bass Exploration
  3. BooMaster Theme
  4. Cosmos
  5. Enemy Mime
  6. Enemy mime of the opera
  7. The energy that flows through us (demo)
  8. Friendemies*
  9. Happy Day
  10. Happy Day (extended)
  11. Jazz Experiment
  12. Old meets new
  13. Old strikes again
  14. Synth (space)
  15. Techno loop 1
  16. Techno loop 1 remix
  17. Watch for piranhas

*Misspelled by accident

Alternate 2016 Soundcloud listing:

  1. Bass Exploration
  2. Old meets New
  3. Bass colony
  4. Happy Day (extended)
  5. Synth (space)
  6. Jazz experiment
  7. Happy Day
  8. Old strikes again
  9. Enemy Mime of the opera
  10. Friendemies*
· BooTracker 2000 album

-Notes: Techno loop 1 and Jazz experiment were the first and second songs made respectively. Bass colony, Bass exploration, and Cosmos are meant to be a series. The two ‘Enemy mime’ songs are not related but ‘Opera’ does sample Boss colony/exploration’s bass line. It was 'supposed' to be me trying to imitate Venetian Snares but.. anyway.. ‘The energy' is an unfinished song and the short sample in it came from some random America's Top Model episode. Notably its the earliest song for me to use live samples with. Old meets new And Old strikes again are the first two parts of a concept where vintage and modern meet. Technoloop 1 remix was the first remix. It was supposed to be a 'hardcore' techno song but I accidentally made an annoying breakbeat sorta deal. Watch for Piranhas also uses a live sample from a nature show. It was the last addition this hodgepodge of a album.

BooTracker Remixes (2016, 2017)

Bootracker remixes

Three songs from the previous remade and with new album art created.

Listen here

  1. Enemy Mime (of the Opera) v.2
  2. Happy day extended v.2
  3. Techno loop 1 Remix v.2

-Notes: This is a collection rather than a true release as all songs were released separately as singles. Enemy mime is from 2017 and has the biggest change from original with a new section added. Happy day speeds up and changes instruments only. Techno loop is a gentle tweak to make the original less chaotic.

Bass Collection

Bass Collection art

Just album art created as shown above but no new songs, just a re-release of the three songs of the BooTracker 2000’s bass series put in a playlist on Soundcloud.

BooTracker 2001 (2016)

BooTracker 2001

Amia's first intentional and kind of serious (mostly, we'll get to that) album using collage like art made up of a couple of concept images put together. There are two listings but the Soundcloud version omits songs because it was early. Below is the final.

Listen here

  1. Bass exploration (remix)
  2. BM Theme (live, slow)
  3. BooMaster Theme v.2 Demo
  4. Frenemies (Interlude)
  5. Jazz experiment 1.5
  6. New Strikes Again
  7. Synth (space) v.2
  8. Synth (Industrial)
· BooTracker 2001

Notes: A progression of old and new ideas. Going song by song, Bass exploration remixes the song from BooTracker 2000. 'BM (BooMaster) theme live slow' is the first released live recorded song, double tracked with guitar and bass. BooMaster Theme v.2 Demo is a tongue in cheek metal song featuring a vocal sample by myself. 'Jazz experiment 1.5' is named as such because it chops up the original. 'Frenemies Interlude' is spelled correctly now and is a chill electronica song based off the chords of the original. 'Synth space' changes some instruments and cleans up the song a little though some errors couldn't be fixed. 'New Strikes Again' is the last in the 'Old meets New' concept and is intentionally experimental. 'Synth Industrial' is an original. A remake of it with a better synth section was planned but the files were lost unfortunately.

BooTracker 3000 (2016, 2017)

BooTracker 3000

Takes a different direction with emphasis on using live instruments as I was beginning to pickup up guitar and bass. This was the last material created with the original iPad before it was stolen, making me lose the GarageBand files for this album and the ones before this forever. Thankfully the mp3s for this were uploaded in better quality than some of the older material. There are two listings. Of note, this is one of the few instances where what I personally consider the official listing is not songs in alphabetical order. This is also the first and only album to have my name on the cover.

  1. BooTracker 3000 Intro
  2. In Town(Demo)
  3. Org. BM Theme (live)
  4. Frenemies (Interlude 2)
  5. Phonecleaner (Demo)
  6. Roomcleaner (Demo)
  7. Bass Colony v.2
  8. BM Theme alt. (unofficial)
· BooTracker 3000

Notes: All live recordings except for 'Roomcleaner' were done with a Washburn guitar, Jackson/Charvel bass, Zoom multi-effect, and a Peavey Basic 60 amp. 'Roomcleaner' which was actually recording during Bootracker 2000 era was done on an Epiphone guitar with a Fender Mustang amp. 'Bass Colony' and Frenemies were released unfinished but at least Frenemies in the alphabetical listing makes for a fitting ending track. Actually rough production plagues most of the album with a really crude way of recording the live instruments. (With no dedicated mic, basically placing the Ipad in front of the amp!) This would be improved at least slightly in the very next albums. Because I had to be able to physically play the parts instead of relying on programming, the song structures here are a little basic and it was obviously rushed, but this album overall was a step forward as a musician.

BM Theme alt. was release around the time of this to soundcloud but never included on this album. It uses guitar and is extremely rough and mostly improv. The drums are likely from my zoom pedal's drum machine. I don't know exactly when I uploaded it but I teased in a comment that a better version of it was coming soon. Obviously that never happened. I want to note that this particular chord progression relating to 'BooMaster Theme' has never been revisited. All remakes after this such as The Mario Clash version revert to the chord structure of BooTracker 2000's version. Anyway, it can be found here. LINK

BooTracker Singles 2018 (2018)

The start of a new era. A two song EP in 2018 created along side The Mario Clash. This is the last material released under Amia Moore and some of the first done with the newer iPad I'd acquired. Due to the loss of the original image editing software, the art here was a bit rushed and shoddy but I made due..

BooTracker Singles 2018
  1. A new day..
  2. Winter
· Singles 2018

Notes: 'A new day' is based off of an unfinished never released song on the old iPad tentatively called 'Summer's over'. While a digitally created song, no parts of the synths or drumbeats are programmed and I considered that a feat at the time. The same applies for 'Winter' a homage to old school dubstep. Personally a favorite, track 1 as rough as it is inspired me to make music again.

Bass Covers (2018)

Singles released of bass covers of other people's music. It is recorded completely live with no editing using a Nexus 6 phone to record. Bass used was a Jackson Concert Ex and Peavey Basic 60 for amp. No album art, though on Soundcloud some random pictures were provided.

  1. Totally True (since removed)
  2. Richie Daggers Crime
  3. Iremos Juntos

Mario Clash Logo


Initially called A 'One man band' inspired by old school punk and industrial metal. Starting in 2018 a project based on live guitars with electronic elements and video-game themes. Now however this is the name that I release all music under, live or electronically produced.

Hand And Arm Exhaustion (H.A.A.E.) (2018)

The Mario Clash, Hand and arm exhaustion

Album with A and B sides. All songs recorded with the Jackson, Peavey, and Zoom pedal. The new artwork finally dropping the BooMaster theme was created as a parody of 'The Clash' and created on a computer rather than an iPad. Here was my early concept sketch. 3/7/18 is the official release date according to Soundcloud. Because these songs were produced after the 'incident' I still have all masters.

The name came from a post on a forum (still trying to find again) where someone claimed that "hand and arm exhaustion" would be a good name for a band. 'H.A.A.E' was indeed the working title for the Mario Clash project, but eventually I settled on the final name and instead made that the album title. For the best I believe. Unsuitably I'm parodying an album cover from 'The Clash' which is in itself a parody. Mario smashing the bass signifies that this is an all bass guitar album. In fact I did not have an electric guitar anymore at the time of recording this. This would change for this album's sequel. (SEE H.A.A.E 2 below)

Listen here (A side)

Listen here(B side)

Listing A side

  1. The Mario Clash Intro (studio)
  2. BooMaster Theme v.3 (studio)
  3. Siege of Nintendo Power
  4. WW64
  5. WW64 (Dub)
· The Mario Clash - Hand And Arm Exhaustion (H.A.A.E.) A Side

B side

  1. Bmast theme v.3 Demo
  2. BooMaster theme v.3 live demo
  3. Siege of Nintendo Power (demo)
  4. WW64 (demo)

Notes: So the A side is the 'good' releases and the B side various demos. 'BooMaster Theme v.3' is based off of BooTracker 2001's BooMaster Theme v.2 but made into a fuller song. There were youtube 'music videos' created for two of the BM Theme and Siege of Nintendo Power on Mecha Nintendo Master's channel. (Siege was then removed and the studio version of B-Mast Time replaced it.) The Intro song uses the Mario Bros arcade theme briefly. WW64 (World War 64) has spoken word dialog by myself. WW64 Dub version is an attempt at.. well dub. This is bass only with no guitars, I simply play an octive higher or lower when double tracking. Overall while the double tracking got sloppy at times, production sounds much better than BooTracker 3000 and I had fun making music again as a 'band'.

Bowser Flag (2018)

An EP with some extra ideas using the same live set up as before but with some more samples used.

Bowser Flag EP
  1. F.L.U.D.D-less Mario
  2. Valley of Bowser

Notes: The first track is all improv with samples from Super Mario Sunshine added in post. Valley of Bowser is a industrial song with Super Mario World samples and an improv section as well. The album art is a Black Flag reference of course. Art was created on a computer.

· Bowser Flag and other singles (2018-19)

BooTracker Singles 2019 (2019)

Another return to music with a string of singles uploaded to Soundcloud around August 2019. While there is official artwork on Soundcloud I prefer to use the 'Live Tracks' art. That was created back around BooTracker 2001 era but never tied to anything. Note that while a BooTracker release the artist is still 'The Mario Clash'. Linked in the embed above.

BooTracker Singles 2019 style=
  1. Mario dub
  2. SMB anime special
  3. Babysitter's plight
  4. Valley of Bowser 2

Notes: No theme or anything, just songs. Mario dub is uploaded on Mecha Nintendo Master's YouTube channel. It is a fun attempt at dubstep containing samples and no parts are programmed. SMB anime special is a happy hardcore song with samples from the Mario anime. Babysitter's plight is simply an original song. Valley of Bowser 2 is actually a remake of the one on Bowser Flag, done cleaner and the oldest of the songs on this 'release'.

Battling MEY2 EP (2020)

An experimental EP with songs that had development throughout the year, some tracks even contemporaries of BooTracker Singles 2019 but not yet completed or released then. Most songs have powerful drums and often feature live recorded samples. The cover art is a screen grab from Super Paper Mario Chapter 5. 'MEY2' is a more rarely used pseudonym of Amia/ Mechayoshi. Released to soundcloud July 18, 2020. Note: 'Enough of You' is now uploaded on Mecha Nintendo Master's youtube channel.

Battling MEY2 EP
  1. Cosmic Concert
  2. Daniel and Revelation
  3. Enough of You
  4. Glitched cartridge
  5. Mysterious Taste
  6. Teenagers
  7. The novice
· Battling MEY2 EP

Notes: Cosmic Concert is a digital rock song with a spacey theme. Daniel and Revelation is a little glitched at the end with the sound sample but is otherwise a dub/trap song. Enough of you is similar but with a distinctive bass line. Mysterious Taste is an experimental song based around sound samples and layering. Fun fact: in development it had an alternate version with slightly different instrumentation called 'Indecisive Redneck'. Glitched Cartridge is based around a sample loop form Mario Kart 7's menu. Teenagers started in development as a country/electronica hybrid, which can be seen somewhat in the bassline but became a synth driven techno song later. The novice bright back classical instrumentation and guitars with upbeat synths and drums.

Hand And Arm Exhaustion 2 (H.A.A.E. 2) (2021)

Concept: What I was trying to make H.A.A.E (1) from 2018 be the first time around, now featuring guitar and bass tracks with even lead work in some songs. Unlike H.A.A.E (1) all songs are ‘complete’ this time around- no rough demos and also no programmed drums (with one exception). We take a more metal approach while keeping the chaotic hardcore feel of The Mario Clash’s debut H.A.A.E (1). The first part of the album follows a crew in space finding themselves suddenly in the WRONG part of a distant galaxy. The later half are remakes of songs from previous releases with one remake of an unreleased track. For detailed info on the equipment used and other notes, including cover credits view the readme HERE.

Release date: 4/4/21

Link: HERE

H.A.A.E. 2

Genre: Extreme metal, Hardcore.

  1. Reverie
  2. Teleportation Incident
  3. First Contact
  4. Absurd Gesture
  5. The Mario Clash
  6. The Final Battle
  7. WW65 (Future Tech)
  8. F.L.U.D.D.-less Mario
  9. BooMaster Theme v.4
  10. Org. Bmast Redux
  11. Mario Bros (Arcade)
  12. Siege redux
· H.A.A.E. 2

Inspirations were '90s metallic metalcore bands like Abnegation or Killtheslavemaster, and also various hardcore bands. Also Pestilence with the theme and inclusion of synths. This album is supposed to be chaotic and brutal simply put. I simply label it hardcore/ extreme metal because you're going to find a lot of influences depending on song. Notably this is to be the last album I create with the old ipad method which is tedious and difficult, particularly with the drums. As such while these songs are not complete unfinished demos like on HAAE 1, it's not perfect either. View it as a demo tape!

This album started with two songs, the FLUDD-less Mario remake and 'The Final Battle'. Those ideals were sat on for a while and then about March 2021 I got myself together suddenly and the rest pulled through, both originals and remakes. The first five songs are the 'concept' originals that somewhat increase in complexity to tell their story. Then track 6: 'WW65' is a remake of HAAE (1)'s industrial 'WW64 (Studio)'. I include the same style of synth and vocals. Track 8 was originally a bass only partially improv track on Bowser Flag EP. I recreate the samples from Super Mario Sunshine and the song is also now fully structured. Track 9 here is a remake of the 'BooMaster Theme v.3' of HAAE 1, taking cues from both the studio and demo versions. Track 10 is originally from BooTracker 3000 which is in itself a remake of 'BooMaster Theme' from BooTracker 2000, making it the oldest remake here doubly. Track 11 was a bass only track unreleased until now. It includes samples from the arcade Mario Bros game. Track 12 is from HAAE just shorted to 'Siege' to remove the Nintendo reference (even though I blatantly don't on other tracks. Oh well.) It is slightly reworked but remains similar. Overall, well, I'm happy with this one especially considering the rushed production deadline I gave myself. (Was about to start a new job an have a lot less free time, but that worked out too considering I'm still play'n!)

A Whole New Level (Demo) (2021)

A whole new level

Outdated notes, nonetheless what my thoughts were at the time: You may find the remade songs from HAAE 2 not exact and in fact abridged. That’s kind of one purpose because while the originals weren’t long at all, some of that time was used by improv sections and general lack of structure.I wanted to do a split lead and rhythm guitar with two amps and cabinets I have. This was a fail. My Crate gx-900h (which replaced the Randall RH100 literally days after completing HAAE ii) just couldn’t keep up tone wise to my Peavey Ultra 60. That amp and whatever cabinet I have will be the tone going forward. Now back on topic, this has a more down to earth feel compared to the spacey and experimental HAAE ii. A lot of the heaviness will come from the riffs themselves rather than the more traditional ‘blast sections’ that are grindcore influenced you can find in previous The Mario Clash releases. The album art I’m still deciding on. I have two complete songs, the title track and ‘Annihilation of the Wicked’ also a demo version of the title song back from before I decided to change the tuning to D standard.

Current me speaking: See the two releases below for what happened to these ideals

Link: HERE

Album art credits: Stock image, edited by me. Genre: Extreme metal, Hardcore. Themes: Righteousness, the future.

Subsequent Encounters (2024)

Subsequent Encounters

No-nonsense riffage to be found here! What happened during The Final Battle and WW65 of H.A.A.E 2? Surprisingly the surviving crew have very different tales. These songs are short because the lack the aimlessness and improv sections that sneaked into H.A.A.E. 2's songs, and I didn't include remakes. That'll be another release (hint hint). WW64 (Remix) is of the track on H.A.A.E. original, not of 'WW65' from H.A.A.E. 2. Other than that, these songs are straight forward, vaguely based on experiences from the job I got right before release H.A.A.E. 2 and just fun ideals with some progressive influences. A real mic was used to record now (See: readme HERE for gear used) and I didn't restrict myself to using certain instruments and tunings, rather whatever fit the song best (so B standard and D). We return to using tried and true Garageband and not Reaper on the PC, and all in about a week, not unlike the weird deadline H.A.A.E. 2 had..

Release date: 2/6/24 Genres: experimental, extreme metal, electronica

  1. Horripilation
  2. CPT X99.2
  3. Subsequent Encounters
  4. Guitarz For Antz
  5. The Mario Clash 2
  6. Hallelujah
  7. WW64 (Remix)
· Subsequent Encounters

Other notes: Obviously few years after the demos of ‘A Whole New Level’ in the section above,some portions of some tracks will have similarities to those demos (X99.2 was once Annihilation of the Wicked, etc)..

Hand And Arm Exhaustion (H.A.A.E.) II (Redux) (2024)

H.A.A.E. Redux

Long awaited remakes of the first six Hand And Arm Exhaustion 2 tracks, recorded with the same gear as Subsequent Encounters from this year. Lo and behold, these songs were a little more complex than I thought at the outset and the chaotic and choppy way they came out in H.A.A.E. II was for additional reasons other than the time limit. There are some cleaner versions regardless, especially over the 'A Whole New Level' Demos, with just a couple of extra tweaks and new fills added, otherwise faithful to the original arrangements. Shared on Google Drive for now, since my Soundcloud allotment is full until I figure something out. Album art originates from A Whole New Level era, finally getting it's intended use.

Listen here. Release date 3/16/24


Q: Are you a pro?

A: Heck no!

Q: Gear?

A: For the album HAAE 2 specifically see the Readme above.

-Originally: Ipad Air 2 (composition, recording, effects, electronic drums with live music), Garage Band iOs (various versions), Epiphone Les Paul Special ii, Fender Mustang I v2 20 watt, Charvel Model 2B, Jackson Concert Bass Ex, Peavey Basic 60, Washburn WR150, Zoom B1on, Nexus 6 (recording only). Gallien Krueger rb400 (live bass).

-A little later: Ipad Air 2 (composition, recording, effects, electronic drums with live music). Randall RH100, Fender HM412 ( live guitars). Peavey DPB, Eden 210XLT (live bass). Effects (Boss SD-1, Zoom G1X Four, Morley Bass Dual Wah, Boss overdrive(s), EQ pedal, Boss DD-6.)

-Now: I'll reveal such for each release. No songs have quantization.

Q: And why not? You could sure use it!

A: Because Burial didn't I learned in an interview or something. Here's the real story. In the most primitive times when I used the iPad exclusively (BooTracker 2000 era), I simply didn't know how anyway. Picking up electric bass guitar taught me the importance of keeping time and so I tried to not use electronic crutches from then on. Personally I just like more natural sounds. I try to play as tight as possible and/or arrange the music on the grid the best I can. Minor imperfection is just fine.

Q: What are my favorite songs?

Under Amia Moore

The Mario Clash