The Mario Clash Presents: H.A.A.E. 2

(Hand And Arm Exhaustion 2)

Concept: What H.A.A.E (1) from 2018 should have been the first time around, this time also with guitar and bass tracks with leads in some songs. Unlike H.A.A.E (1) all songs are ‘finished’ this time around, no demos and also no programmed drums (with one exception). We take a more metal approach while keeping the hardcore punk feel of The Mario Clash’s debut H.A.A.E (1).

Story: A crew in space find themselves suddenly in the WRONG part of a distant galaxy.

Genre: Metal, Rock, Industrial, Hardcore Punk

Equipment used:


-Jackson Soloist Professional STD (9.5 strings)

-Charvel Fusion Custom (10s)

-Ibanez RG7620 (10.5/68?)

-Jackson Professional Concert Bass V (40-125)

(all guitars used have either Dimarzio or Bill Lawrence aftermarket pickups)


-Randall RH100/ Fender HM412

-Peavey DPB Digital Bass head/ Eden 210XLT


-Zoom G1xFour (tremolo, vibrato, delays, effects, fuzz)

-MXR EQ 10 band

-Ibanez CF7 (flanger)

-MXR Phase 95 (rarely)

-Boss DD-6

-Morley Dual Bass Wah

-Morley Mini Optical Volume (fade ins)

-DOD Compressor 280 (bass)

-Boss Turbo Distortion DS-2 (boost)

-Donner Noise Killer

-Garage Band iOS (digital effects, recording, keys, drums, samples)


-All songs in E (except WW65)

-No Programming (WW65 uses sequencer however)

-All samples if used recorded original

-Cover credits: Orion Nebula and ‘Space Halo’ are public domain images, slightly edited my me with Windows 10 Paint 3D and/or