Nintendo Adventure Books #5: Pipe Down! Guide

Intro: This is the fifth book in the series by Clyde Bosco again. Mario and Luigi track down the princess after a pair of basketball shoes take her away from her own birthday party. This guide is adapted from a hand written draft I completed around 8/18/19. As usual, use F3 to navigate and look back on the portal page for how this works. For errors contact me with the links at the bottom of the site’s homepage. Enjoy!

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I’ll also link Mario Wiki because they have lots of coverage on this book from the boots for example to Ludwig’s musicians.!

Disclaimer: This guide was created by C. Mechayoshi/ Amia J Moore. It may not be copied without permission.


START Chapter 1 Page 1: Peach has a birthday party with lots of shoes given out. (Women and shoes I think was the joke. I’m not really laughing though.) It’s her 99th birthday in fungus years (brave enough to guess her age?) and everyone is there including the Mario brothers. Use the puzzle on page four to grab an extra gift.

Puzzles: 1, decipher

Reward: ten coins and balloon or noisemaker

Splits: page 50

Path: -

Puzzle solution: Choose a pattern of gift wrap. Star options says “try the puzzle again”. Dotted options is “noise maker”. The Stripes are “Balloon”. Try to get the noise maker, optimal for a roadblock later.

Page 50 Chapter 25: Peach gets some red shoes she loves, but who sent them? Soon they start thinking on their own and she advises the Mario bros to grab something out of her shoe vault before she’s whizzed away. Use the puzzle.

Puzzle: 1, matching

Splits: page 96 (shoe vault), page 86 (follow Peach)

Path: from page 1

Puzzle solution: See the matching group of basketballs. The correct option is ‘run after the princess’ on eighty-six, but if you know exactly what you’re going for the other route is more direct. See the optimal path.

Page 86 Chapter 44: Mario bros follow the music that’s forcing Peach towards the Koopahari desert. Should they press on or return?

Splits: page 112 (head back to palace), page 13 (keep chasing Peach)

Path: from page 50

Puzzle solution: Keep chasing on page thirteen. If you turn back at this point you’ll hit a hazard.

Page 13 Chapter 7: They keep mad dashing after Peach until tweeter birds attack. Use the puzzle.

Puzzles: 1, ‘use a ruler’

Splits: page 65 (the lines tough Mario bros), page 115 (no lines touch Marios)

Path: from page 86

Puzzle solution: Choose four birds and if their wierd pointy toes point towards either Mario bro, you’re out! The birds that are safe are the bottom three and the top most one.

Page 65 Chapter 32: Mario gets whacked in the head by a tweeter. He wakes up with Luigi dragging him back home to their plumber shop disgruntled. Luigi will be vague on what exactly happened, appropriate because several scenarios can lead here.

Game over

Path: from page 13, page 33, page 111, page 72

Page 115 Chapter 59: They dodge the birds but lose the music and the princess. Soon they find some tracks and a group of rocks. Which to check out?

Puzzle: 1, decipher, math

Splits: page 68 (follow trail thru desert), page 79 (check out group of rocks)

Path: from page 13

Puzzle solution: If you color in the shapes you will find a crown which tells you that Peach is among the rocks. To lead to more puzzles and avoid a hazard go to page seventy-nine.

Page 79 Chapter 40: They find Peach leaning against a rock and super tired. She inquires of boots, some special ones from her great grandmother Queen Shiitake but gets carried away again by the demented sneakers stuck on her feet before she can elaborate. Use the puzzle.

Puzzle: 1, word search (error?)

Splits: page 44

Path: from page 115

Puzzle solution: You must find the names of shoes but with no gosh darned word bank. (Grrr..) We are told there are ten to find but I only got “sandal”, “skate”, “loafers”, “flats”, “cleat”, “wedgie”, “sneakers”, “tiki”, “wingtip”. The answer is something with the word ‘rodeo’ in it. This is a big hint for later so move on.

Page 44 Chapter 23: Mario and Luigi chase again. Luigi almost catches up before falling into a pit with Mario. They get on the move.

Puzzles: 1, maze, logic

Splits: page 5 (mushroom), page 34 (fire flower), page 58 (starman)

Path: from page 79

Puzzle solution: You know at my first glance ever I thought this was a ‘flip a penny’ thing like from Book#1 Double Trouble, but it’s not and more is involved. First you chose a path then you navigate based on whether the circle you encounter is the same size as your penny. So, you still need one of those. You want to choose tunnel two on page thirty-four.

Page 96 Chapter 49: The Marios head to the shoe vault lead by Toad until commotion means he has to scram and leave them on their own. The brothers proceed to immediately tick off some implied to be capable mushroom guards so they are truly on their own. They find a locked door, use the puzzle.

Puzzle: 1, logic

Reward: Basketball

Splits: page 22 (combination two-one-two), page 34 (combination two-three-two)

Path: from page 50, page 112

Puzzle solution: Go to page thirty-four so the combo is ‘two-three-two’. You also gain a basketball here, not a necessary item but it does mean that a later puzzle can be an auto-win as opposed to a guessing game.

Page 22 Chapter 12: Luigi can pick a lock but its the wrong door! Bowling balls tumble out and that’s bad for several reasons other than the knots on your forehead..

Buffet: loose all items and coins

Split: page 34

Path: from page 96

Puzzle solution: Since you have not had the opportunity to gain any boots the real danger here is that you’ve lost your party favor and coins, both of which have to do with a later event. Thankfully there is an opportunity to gain more coins before then, but the items from the opening puzzle and things like the basketball are gone forever.

Page 112 Chapter 57: The brothers head to the shoe vault so hastily they trip each other up and fall down hill.

Buffet: Lose noise maker and/or balloon

Splits: Page 96

Path: from page 86, page 68, page 5

Puzzle solution: Not a game breaker at this point but still a needless loss.

Page 68 Chapter 34: Mario mistakes shy guy tracks for basketball prints because there hadn’t been enough Mario sports games at this point for him to distinguish. Well that’s my guess at least. They double back for the shoe vault.

Splits: page 112

Path: from page 115

Puzzle solution: Shaggy dog route!

Page 34 Chapter 18: They enter the shoe vault. Use the puzzle for.. not a hint exactly but something I guess.

Puzzle: 1, just a hint, matching

Splits: page 103

Path: from page 44, page 96, page 22

Puzzle solution: “”Why is Princess Toadstool’s shoe vault like Mario and Luigi’s job? “Lots of pumps and clogs”.” Yeah, a doozy for sure! Interestingly the book states ‘solve this puzzle (just for fun)’ so it acknowledges its uselessness.

Page 5 Chapter 2: Mario bros get lost then dig up through the ground and right back into the Mushroom Kingdom. Now dirty they head back to the palace.

Splits: page 112

Path: from page 44

Page 58 Chapter 29: In the tunnels they hear music while exploring paths. They’ve reached Pipe World which is quite far from World One unless the book tweaks the scale a bit. Keep moving.

Splits: page 92

Path: from page 44, page 114, page 54

Page 103 Chapter 52: The shoe vault has laser security. After almost being blasted they reach an elevator with three different levers to guess at using the puzzle.

Puzzle: 1, logic

Splits: page 9 (pull flower lever), page 33 (pull mushroom lever), page 73 (pull star lever)

Path: from page 34

Puzzle solution: Look at the wheels to determine how the blocks with letters on them will move. It will say ‘petal power’ so pull the flower on page nine for a reward. The mushroom is a dead end and the star option is just progress.

Page 33 Chapter 17: Mario loses the slots unleashing a trap door of things to fall on him. Not good.

Splits: page 65

Path: from page 103, page 9

Puzzle solution: A dead end very soon!

Page 92 Chapter 47:Grumbling and tired’ they keep aimlessly wandering around.

Splits: page 7

Path: from page 58, page 7

Page 7 Chapter 3: The plumbers reach a three way junction. Which way to go?

Splits: Page 108 (has basketball), page 100 (climb to left pipe), page 92 (enter pipe), page 39 (climb to right pipe)

Path: from page 92

Puzzle solution: You have an auto-win option if you have the basketball from page one-hundred and eight, otherwise it’s a guess between right left and center. We can eliminate the center path on page ninety-two because logically we just came from there. Therefore without random sports equipment, go ‘right’ or page thirty-nine for a huge coin reward and definitely avoid ‘left’ on page one-hundred.

Page 100 Chapter 50:Geronimo’ and right into a piranha plant’s mouth!

Game over

Path: from page 7

Page 9 Chapter 5: Mario pulls the flower level, matching three crown symbols for the jackpot. Mario pockets the prizes while Luigi has a go at the levers again. Use the puzzle carefully.

Puzzle: 1, logic

Reward: one-hundred coins, starman

Splits: page 33 (pull mushroom level), page 73 (pull star level)

Path: from page 103

Puzzle solution: Be careful with the mental calculations, it spells out ‘mushDOOM’ so don’t touch the mushroom lever. Pull the star on page seventy-three

Page 73 Chapter 37: The elevator drops them down deeper into the vault. There is a split so use the puzzle.

Puzzle: 1, decipher

Splits: page 36 (go left), page 88 (go right)

Path: from page 103, page 9

Puzzle solution: The left is ‘boots’ and the right is ‘shoes’. There is no indication of which to get or is there? Somewhat clever of the book, if you got here from page seventy-nine by making a lot of right choices, you will at least know that you targeting Queen Shiitake’s boots AND it’s cowboy related. That’s the only way to know this. The shoe path does give a brief option to check out the other door however so you can still get to what you need.

Page 108 Chapter 54: Luigi uses the basketball to map out how the pipes connect, saving a lot of trouble. You lose the ball actually because something eats it though the score doesn’t reflect that.

Buffet: (uncredited) lose basketball

Splits: page 39

Path: from page 7

Page 39 Chapter 21: Mario and Luigi jump into the pipe to the right. Some more pipes contain visible coins so they smash one to get some. The realize that they are actually in a pipe organ. Hmm, who could the upcoming villain be? Other than the koopaling with every chapter number printed on him.. Anyway a variable puzzle is ahead.

Puzzle: 1, maze

Reward: ten to fifty coins

Splits: page 83 (collect fewer than ten coins), page 28 (ten to fifty coins), page 83 (collected fifty-one or more, yes redundant)

Path: from page 7, page 108

Puzzle solution: Start at the top and work through until you reach a star and you will have ten to fifty coins but not more or less, because you see they lead to the same place so you know what that means. Actually I topped out at forty-two which is what the ‘optimal path’ below will reflect.

Page 83 Chapter 45: You can’t get this score page.

Path: from page 39

Page 88 Chapter 45: The brothers go for the shoes which there are a dizzying amount of. They hear music from a metal vent and they are off without getting anything, maybe.

Splits: page 62 (enter air shaft), page 36 (search room to left)

Reward: five coins

Path: from page 73, page 70

Puzzle solution: check out the other room. Getting distracted by the noise will mean you’ll miss the item you’ll need and you’ll have a long ways until you can loop back. Two other points of interest, coins are scarcely awarded in this book so take this detour to max out coins if that’s your goal, also it’s generous that the book awards exactly five coins here. You’ll see why with an upcoming obstacle.

Page 62 Chapter 31: Mario is like ‘screw the shoes’ (more or less) and they chase after the sounds again before reaching a sewer toll manned by a mean and huge clawgrip. Keep in mind you going to have to hand ‘something’ over as a sign warns. Are you ‘feeling generous?’

Splits: page 114 (hand monster the boots OR noisemaker), page 118 (give monster the balloon), page 12 (be tight fisted, voluntarily or not)

Path: from page 88, page 26, page 106, page 48

Puzzle solution: The best thing to use is the noise maker because it has no other purpose in the book. The balloon is technically useless also but that won’t work as you’ll see on page one-hundred eighteen. You can use the empty handed option on page twelve but you’ll eventually have to cough up some coins or else. Do not offer your boots of course unless you know you’ve chosen the wrong ones and is stuck in a ‘Shaggy dog’ route anyway.

Page 36 Chapter 19: The Marios find the boots but can only pick one pair from the cowboy boots, wadding boots, or army boots with no only one page offering a hint. Remember page seventy-nine? Take the cowboy boots on page twenty six.

Splits: page 26 (cowboy boots), page 106 (wading boots), page 48 (army boots)

Path: from page 73, page 88

Page 26 Chapter 14: Luigi takes the cowboy boots even if they don’t know why, but you should know why so good for you! Then they take to the vents.

Reward: Cowboy boots

Splits: page 62

Path: from page 36

Page 106 Chapter 53: Mario picks the wading boots whose label has been obscured by chewing gum. Move on.

Reward: wading boots

Splits: page 62

Path: from page 36

Puzzle solution: I wonder if that bit about the label is a hint that it’s the wrong item? I can only speculate.

Page 48 Chapter 24: Luigi snags the military boots which admittedly look the job, but are they??? No. Oops spoilers.. They leave from the vents.

Reward: Army boots

Splits: page 62

Path: from page 36

Page 114 Chapter 58: Mario give away either the noisemaker or the boots (but hopefully not the boots) which works and they can get past the monster.

Buffet: lose the noisemaker or boots

Split: page 58

Path: from page 62

Page 118 Chapter 60: Luigi hands over a green balloon that’s promptly popped by the Clawgrip. Oops!

Buffet: lose balloon

Splits: page 12

Path: from page 62

Puzzle solution: It’s not over at this point if you have a few coins.

Page 12 Chapter 6: With zero shame, the Mario brothers run except the crab starts to catch up. Should you toss some coins to slow it down?

Splits: page 54 (give way your >5 coins), page 17 (don’t hand over money)

Path: from page 62, page 118

Puzzle solution: Yes you should cough it up or else! Go to page fifty-four.

Page 17 Chapter 9: A unique one image game over screen.

Game over

Puzzle solution: Maybe does its job too well since if you see this in passing to nearby pages you’ll know to avoid it. Still, neat!

Page 54 Chapter 26: The coins, five of them, stop the clawgrip. Small price to pay for surviving!

Buffet: lose five coins

Splits: page 58

Path: from page 12

Page 28 Chapter 15: The Mario bros crash into a mound of crumpled paper balls, Ludwig von Koopa’s rejected music sheets. He’s staging a rehearsal while forcing Peach to dance in his latest ballet “Dribbling Beauty’, complete with terrible music. Solve the puzzle.

Puzzle: 1, ‘get a ruler’

Splits: page 60 (attack Ludwig), page 120 (use box of boots), page 42 (wait and watch performance)

Path: from page 39

Puzzle solution: It’s easy to eyeball if the basketballs will fall in the hoops so do that. ‘Use the boots’ will be the message. Page sixty will lose your starman and coins so If you don’t have the boots go to page forty-two to miss a hazard that can bite you later.

Page 120 Chapter 62: The brothers break out the boots and hopefully you have the right ones.

Split: page 110 (cowboy boots), page 101 (wading boots), page 8 (army boots)

Path: from page 28

Puzzle solution: Unleash the cowboy boots. If you don’t have them use what you got but there won’t be an effect.

Page 110 Chapter 55: The cowboy boots step on their own in time with the music before bailing on everyone, at least seemingly.

Split: page 42

Path: from page 120

Puzzle solution: This had me going the first time I read though this. Keep going.

Page 60 Chapter 30: The Mario bros charge but Ludwig uses weaponized acoustics to keep them off. Use the puzzle to know your next play.

Puzzle: 1, decipher

Buffet: lose ten coins, starman

Splits: page 111 (keep going), page 42 (stop and watch the show)

Path: from page 28

Puzzle solution: Follow the organ pipes. It will say ‘Don’t run away’ somewhat vaguely. Your options in story are ‘keep going’ or ‘stay and watch the show’ so really what they mean is the latter. Stay back and watch on page forty-two.

Page 111 Chapter 56: Ludwig keeps them at bay yet again with the pipe organ. A low note makes a bunch of items shower the plumbers. You know where this is going..

Splits: page 65

Path: from page 60

Page 101 Chapter 51: The wading boots do some little tricks like summoning water and guppies but that doesn’t help. They belong to Peach’s uncle Count Morrelli, the wrong person.

Splits: page 42

Path: from page 120

Page 8 Chapter 4: Duchess Puffball’s army boots come to life and await further orders, but that doesn’t help.

Splits: page 42

Path: form page 120

Page 42 Chapter 22: Ludwig finishes the music piece then knocks the brothers out. When they wake up they are part of the show whether they like it or not. They are in ballet slippers and tutus, also there is a force field keeping them put.

Splits: page 55

Path: from page 28, page 110, page 60, page 101, page 8

Page 55 Chapter 27: Ludwig announces the start of a nine year music tour around Dark Land. Hopefully you released those cowboy boots.

Splits: page 77 (release the cowboy boots!), page 16 (you don’t have the boots)

Path: from page 42

Page 77 Chapter 39: The cowboy boots return with a vengeance, bringing along friends that stampede. In the chaos Mario and Luigi pull the Princess out of there.

Splits: page 56

Path: from page 55

Page 16 Chapter 8: Ludwig plays again and the brothers dance against their will.

Slits: page 84 (use Starman), page 32 (no starman)

Path: from page 55

Puzzle solution: Use your starman here or else on eighty-four.

Page 32 Chapter 16: With nothing to help, the Mario bros are forced to keep dancing until their next break in… four years!

Game over

Path: from page 16

Page 84 Chapter 43: Mario grabs the starman for a ‘clutch’ move. He reaches Ludwig’s controls on the organ but which to use?

Puzzle: 1, logic

Splits: page 70 (pull left knob), page 72 (pull right knob)

Path: from page 16

Puzzle solution: It’s another gear turning puzzle like a few others in the book. Pull the left knob one seventy.

Page 70 Chapter 35: Mario triggers what effectively becomes a reset bomb. A cyclone breaks out and next he knows he knows.. nothing, aside from the books earliest events.

Buffet: lose everything!

Splits: page 88

Path: from page 84

Puzzle solution: if you missed the correct boots or any boots at all, here is your ticket to the vault. Just remember that your inventory has been wiped clean so you will need to scrape up some coins for the clawgrip toll since you are locked out of obtaining the noisemaker again.

Page 72 Chapter 36: Mario hits the wrong key for sure, sending a nozzle of baddies on his head. Here we go again..

Splits: page 65

Path: from page 84

Page 56 Chapter 28: The piranha plant players drop the musician act to attack. Use the puzzle carefully.

Puzzle: 1, logic

splits: page 90 (boot one), page 19 (boot two)

Path: from page 77

Puzzle solution: You look at the sequence to determine the next shoe. I found it tricky but I think the answer is number one on page ninety. Page nineteen will just send you to the same place quicker and skip a puzzle.

Page 90 Chapter 46: The Mario bros knock Ludwig out of the way to play their own piece. Use the puzzle.

Puzzle: 1, decipher

Splits: page 19 (everyone run for it), page 76 (keep playing)

Path: form page 56

Puzzle solution: The message will say ‘keep playing; so go to seventy-six.

Page 76 Chapter 38: The Mario’s break a pipes, making coins fall down on everything spectacularly. This time it’s not a bad thing like everything else in the book that falls on you.

Splits: page 93

Path: from page 90, page 82, page 119

Page 19 Chapter 11: They dash into the opening near the organ but then lost and quickly trapped by Ludwig. Use the puzzle.

Puzzle: 1, ‘use a ruler’, decipher

Splits: page 66 (charge Ludwig), page 24 (run away)

Path: from page 56, page 90

Puzzle solution: Match Ludwig’s outline to the bottom group of letters. Yes I actually traced a cutout to do this because trying to eyeball it is tough. It will say something like ‘forward’ so go to sixty-six to avoid losing a bunch of coins.

Page 24 Chapter 13: Cornered all they can use is a jukebox Ludwig forgot he had back there with a hefty fee of fifty coins. Are your pockets deep enough?

Splits: page 82 (you have fifty coins or more), page 38 (you have less than fifty coins)

Path: from page 19

Puzzle solution: If you missed page one-hundred three’s ‘petal power’ puzzle and scored low on page thirty-nine's pipe maze, along with other hazards, you might be short of money and that’s unfortunate for you. Use the jukebox if you can afford to.

Page 38 Chapter 20: Ludwig summons Tryclyde with a melody on his harmonica. The Marios are doomed, dragged to the snake’s layer.

Game over

Path: from page 24, page 18

Page 82 Chapter 41: The jukebox blasts some rock and roll. Hear that booming bass?

Buffet: loose fifty coins

Splits: page 76

Path: from page 24

Page 66 Chapter 33: Mario brothers will throw down tonight! Or they would if not for the puzzle..

Puzzle: 1, other

Splits: page 119 (land on Mario three times), page 18 (land on Luigi three times)

Path: from page 19

Puzzle solution: Follow the rules until you land on Mario or Luigi three times. You want to land on Mario one page one-hundred and nineteen.

Page 18 Chapter 10: Ludwig beats the Mario brothers with bagpipes, bashing them over the head brutally! This won’t go well.

Splits: page 38

Path: from page 66

Page 119 Chapter 61: The fight happens with them tumbling all over the keys and whatnot.

Splits: page 76

Path: from page 66

END Page 93 Chapter 48: Everything is buried under coins or in ruin. Ludwig as it turns out was deaf all along or something before Peach does a skill shot with a basketball to knock him out. She sheds the sneakers and finally she’s over it. Also, they gain a bunch of coins.

Reward: four hundred coins

Path: from page 76

Summary and conclusions: This is the first Nintendo Adventure Book I’d purchased specifically to write a guide on (as opposed to some of the others which I acquired initially just for my personal collection) and I’m glad I did. This book has some odd themes put together, music and dancing and basketball! Bizarre, but it works. There aren’t a lot of areas in the book or even enemies really, but again it’s fine. The Mario bros are on the move a lot, chasing or exploring. Together they made good protagonists and play off of each other. Too bad it’s a linear tale. The structure of this book isn’t the most open as you have the opening chase that the reader is given an option to halt quickly or continue for a bit and get an important hint. Without that hint you are in trouble but the book does some things to keep me from harshly criticizing that part. See below. There is a toll part of the book you can’t avoid but if you play your cards right you lose nothing that matters. The ending sequence goes on for a while but is fun and allows you to see some different events on repeat readings.

That brings me to the puzzles and win condition. A lot puzzles stuck closely to theme of music or sport. For some reason there’s a lot of gear related puzzles that get tricky and logic based puzzles. Very few are chance based. The biggest puzzle flaw to me is the word search lacking a word bank since this puzzle tells you the only hint for an item you need. Item checks matter!! The book allows for you to go back however and obtain a key item at the expense of getting an inventory wipe. This book does not give out coins like crazy, invoking some inventory management that’s welcomed because it becomes something that actually matters. On one wrong path you can still get by but with a penalty of a lot of coins for instance. The opening items can be a key to get past a certain point but hazards throughout the book can take them away, a strategic and appropriate incentive to play well. Overall well designed! The punishments that aren’t too harsh but enough to make you avoid them. Many pages have a lot of paths to them as you’ll notice in the guide, showing that you can jump around and see different things down to the end. I also liked how even on some bad paths instead of sending you straight to the game over, you get a unique leading page before the bad news.

Ludwig, the musical koopaling as a villain is entertaining. His main motivation isn’t is evil and petty, just like something he’d do. I like how the only foreshadowing is music and how his pipe organ plays a key role at the end. He can be a bit menacing and brutal on some pages if you make some bad choices so be careful. If only there wasn’t a fatal flaw in the scoring of the book. As you can see on the score card linked at top, the threshold for the high score is gained just from winning the book. That’s too bad but who really cares about the high scores anyway? So, linear but well written, weird in the right ways, decently structured, and entertaining. One of the best. 5/5

Optimal path: Going for maximum score for a change.

START Page 1 (ten coins, noisemaker)- 50- 96 (basketball)- 34- 103- 9 (one-hundred coins, starman)- 73- 88 (five coins)- 36- 26 (cowboy boots)- 62- 114 (lose noisemaker)- 58- 92- 7- 39 (forty-two coins)- 28- 120- 110- 42- 55- 77- 56- 90- 76- 93 END.

Your score will be five hundred seventy coins for a score of five-thousand five hundred and seventy “Supercharged Koopa-Catching Power Plumber”, far above the top score.

Some explanations of my path:

Item locations:

Puzzle analysis: There are nineteen puzzles in the book. Five are ‘logic’, four ‘decipher’, two ‘get a ruler’, two ‘matching’, one decipher/math, one ‘word search’, one maze/logic, one ‘maze’, one ‘get a ruler’/decipher, one other type puzzle. As mentioned before the puzzles stick to themes well overall, but fall victim to a few issues. Some need some more clear instructions or other courtesies like a word bank. Other than that it’s solid.

*New* Book goals:

Did you visit the desert: this is how you actually track down Peach, not skip any story, and know what boots to use

Find the starman: This item can save you on some pages, but as you see our optimal path doesn’t need it because we make no mistakes. That’s all the hints we get.

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