Nintendo Adventure Books #4: Koopa Capers Guide

Intro: In the fourth Nintendo Adventure Book tale, Wendy O. Koopa has mysteriously disappeared and Bowser asks Luigi to find her! Written by Bill McCay, this is the eight book overall in order that I’ve read or acquired. Is this challenging book a hit? Read on. This guide is adapted from a hand written version I completed around 12/16/19. Use the instructions on the portal to understand how to use this guide.

Disclaimer: This guide is property of Amia J Moore/ C. Mechayoshi. It may not be copied without permission.


START Chapter 1, Page 1: We have quite a start to the day for Luigi. An unexpected delivery at the plumbing shop in Brooklyn turns out of be a magic carpet that kidnaps Luigi only (and not his brother as the back summary suggests) to Bowser’s Castle. Bowser has an embarrassing task for Luigi, his daughter Wendy O. Koopa has gone missing. They keep it on the down-low so our plumber will not be getting any breaks from the Koopa Troop. A hint is left behind, so use the puzzle.

Puzzle: 1, maze

Splits: page 55 (magma pits), page 20 (fortress), page 29 (Koopa’s Castle)

Path: -

Puzzle solution: Our opening puzzle is tricky, not getting through it necessarily but knowing what you’re supposed to spell out.. It is a maze with words and multiple exits. There are more than one phrase in the maze, but I think the correct is ‘He will go to the magma pits’. Go to page twenty.

Page 55, Chapter 28: Luigi checks the magma pits located under the castle. Down there is hot hot hot conditions but no sign of Wendy. Get used to that. Also, he’s not even to the bottom yet.

Splits: page 73

Path: from page 1

Page 73, Chapter 38: Luigi is spooked by a Boo while on the steps and tumbles, landing on a floating magma rock- and now it’s sinking!

Splits: page 80

Path: from page 55, page 51

Page 80, Chapter 43: Luigi spots what could be a way out. Use the puzzle to see if he can reach a ledge.

Puzzles: 1, logic

Splits: Page 106 (leads to doom), page 89 (can make it safely)

Path: from page 73, page 22

Puzzle solution: You go from rock to rock but you can only jump one space with no diagonals. Under those restrictions you can’t make it so go to page one-hundred six.

Page 89, Chapter 48: Luigi does an uncomfortable bunny hop across the rocks and finds Wendy in the middle of a tan. Case closed? Instead we close with a candy ring smacking Luigi in the face and a game over!

Game over

Path: from page 80

Page 20, Chapter 10: Luigi will search the Fortress, which in this book is built into Bowser’s Castle interestingly. Inside are traps and such that suck up his time while he fails to find Wendy. There is a P switch that opens a new path. Take it?

Splits: page 93 (continue in fortress), page 58 (go through door)

Path: from page 1

Puzzle solution: Go through the new door on fifty-eight.

Page 93, Chapter 51: Luigi continues on and into a thwomp trap.

Game over

Path: from page 20

Page 58, Chapter 30: Luigi takes the new path and faces patooie plants with spiny eggs. Keep moving.

Splits: page 84

Path: from page 20

Page 29, Chapter 15: Luigi takes the obvious choice to check Wendy’s room fruitlessly. He spies on Wendy’s brothers briefly and they lack wands, a sort of clue later, before Bowser busts him and it’s back to square one. Luigi looks at a ‘fort’ and ‘magma’ note in a new way. Use the puzzle.

Puzzle: 1, decipher

Splits: page 20 (FORT), page 55 (MAGMA)

Path: from page 1

Puzzle solution: Replace the letters with the number of their order in the alphabet then see if ‘fort’ or ‘magma’ is the bigger number. The sums are fifty-nine vs thirty-five so head to the ‘fort’ option on page twenty.

Page 106, Chapter 59: Luigi manages to reach a ledge and cliff and then eventually a stairway. He finds a sign with the message in code. Figure it out.

Puzzles: 1, decipher

Splits: page 41 (climb stairs), page 92 (continue on path)

Path: from page 80

Puzzle solution: The sign displays symbols of various things and objects and generously Luigi’s dialogue hints that you use the letter the object starts with to work out the puzzle. Using that we get ‘fort’ on the top and ‘magma’ on the bottom. The issue here in that the clues don’t directly tell you which split is what you should pursue. Take page ninety-two.

Page 41, Chapter 21: Chapter starts with Luigi singing to someone or no one if you come from page one-hundred six. He fights some baddies and then climbs up to a lava plateau, actually a military camp. Fort Magma it is called, not a surprise.. Anyway Luigi decides to count the amount of enemies before launching into battle. Use the puzzle.

Puzzle: 1, logic

Splits: page 118 (twelve Koopa Troopas), page 92 (ten Koopa Troopas)

Path: from page 106

Puzzle solution: We don’t want more than twelve koopas in the image and there ARE twelve. Go to one-hundred eighteen.

Page 118, Chapter 65: Luigi gets distracted counting and sledge bros sneak up on him. He’s grabbed and sent to the military tent where there’s Wendy waiting! Case solved- oh wait. That’s bad.

Splits: page 13

Path: from page 41

Page 92, Chapter 50: Luigi takes the lower route when something on another page startles him!!

Splits: page 74

Path: from page 106, page 41, page 44

Page 74, Chapter 39: Luigi faces a lava pool with podoboos and a cave. Use the puzzle to know what to do.

Puzzle: 1, decipher

Splits: page 94 (cross lava pool), page 47 (enter cave)

Path: from page 92

Puzzle solution: Fit the letters in the gaps to create the message on the sign. ‘If you cant stand the heat. Stay out of the cave’ it says. Sounds straight forward doesn’t it? But it’s not because its not a warning but an invitation. Go to the caves on page forty- seven.

Page 84, Chapter 45: Luigi enters a room with two things he can check out. A rotating block could contain something good or he could gun to a mysterious scrap of paper. Use the puzzle.

Puzzle: 1, logic

Splits: page 76 (go for question block), page 49 (go for piece of paper)

Path: from page 58

Puzzle solution: As Mario said at some point apparently, if the flower is opposite of the question mark face of the block and starman opposite of the ‘ten’ symbol, the block is good. A nice little puzzle actually. Smack the block for a reward on page seventy-six.

Page 76, Chapter 40: Luigi gets coins from the block but some roll away. He speculates if it’s worth hunting them down or not.

Reward: seven coins

Splits: page 7 (coins and crumpled paper), page 28 (just leave)

Path: from page 84, page 49

Puzzle solution: Don’t get greedy. Go to twenty-eight.

Page 7, Chapter 3: Luigi dashes under the blocks for a nasty surprise. He’s smashed very soon by a thwomp trap.

Game over

Path: from page 76

Page 49, Chapter 24: Luigi goes for the note but stops himself before he walks into a trap. Should he spring the trap or try something else?

Splits: page 110 (go for paper), page 76 (backtrack)

Path: from page 84

Puzzle solution: Spring the trap for the note. Go to one-hundred ten.

Page 110, Chapter 61: Luigi bates the enemy into slamming down then makes a move. The note he saves is a recipe. Take note of the poem.

Reward: eleven coins, recipe

Splits: page 28

Path: from page 49

Page 94, Chapter 52: Luigi watches the podoboo rise and fall and thinks maybe he can use the pattern to his advantage.

Puzzle: 1, logic

Splits: page 16 (wait), page 72 (jump now)

Path: from page 74

Puzzle solution: There’s at least two paragraphs of instructions so read them well. Basically the fireballs are already in motion, their direction indicated by their tails in the illustration. They’ll move one block by the time Luigi takes two block movements. You can see (maybe) that a collision would occur so go to six-teen.

Page 72, Chapter 37: Luigi thinks he’s hot stuff and the podoboo that catches him when he mistimes his next jump agrees!

Game over

Path: from page 94

Page 16, Chapter 8: Luigi makes it safely past the lava to meet more lava everywhere. He hears rumbling coming from a patch where there’s signs of activity. What to do?

Splits: page 108 (stand his ground), page 82 (jump onto ledge)

Path: from page 94

Puzzle solution: You can stand your ground on one-hundred eight or jump to a ledge one eight-two. Both are safe at the moment.

Page 47, Chapter 23: Luigi enters a cave full of coins let up by candles that turn out to be hot feet enemies. Thankfully Luigi can run faster than them, ‘faster than light’, and gets away. Should he keep speeding along?

Reward: nine coins

Splits: page 38 (slow down), page 54 (keep running)

Path: from page 74, page 82

Puzzle solution: Slow down on page thirty-eight. Breaking the sound barrier will cost you.

Page 54, Chapter 27: Luigi blasts along and into a fire chomp.

Game over

Path: from page 47

Page 38, Chapter 19: Slowing down allows Luigi to use the light of the hot feet to spot a new path. Doing so evades the fire chomp hiding in the tunnel he would have stumbled into. He rushes to the left and through a door. What he sees next isn’t good..

Splits: page 35

Path: from page 47

Page 28, Chapter 14: Luigi hurries to the door. He wonders if he should peep through the keyhole first.

Splits: page 101 (look through keyhole), page 69 (go right on in)

Path: from page 76, page 110

Puzzle solution: Both lead to more puzzles, get ready!

Page 13, Chapter 7: Wendy snuck off and isn’t ‘kidnapped’ or ‘lost’. Dirty little.. Luigi notices her wand is missing, but first he must contend with two hammer bros. Maybe if he could remember music to put him to sleep. Use the puzzle.

Puzzle: 1, logic (sequence)

Split: page 44 (first tune), page 40 (second tune)

Path: from page 118

Puzzle solution: You are presented with three bars of music. Correct choice is ‘A’, on forty-four, the quarter notes split into eights. Yes I do indeed play, thanks!

Page 40, Chapter 20: The Hammer bros fondly remember the tune from their mother... before being sent to the reform school. Oh and Luigi is dunked anyway.

Game over

Path: from page 13

Page 44, Chapter 22: Luigi’s whistling isn’t quite as effective as he hoped. Time for something else. He fakes wanting to write a final letter to Mario. While one sledge bro leaves to fetch a pencil, there’s a marching squad of koopas coming up. Luigi uses a distraction to bop away, eventually reducing all enemies to their shells. He escapes and gains whiles while he’s at it. Score!

Reward: ten coins

Splits: page 92

Path: from page 13

Puzzle solution: I just want to point out that on a bad path the whistling doesn’t work their either, because it’s the wrong tune. The difference here is that Luigi has a backup plan.

Page 108, Chapter 60: The ground shakes and once the dust clears Luigi is in the shadow of an unusually large Grand Goomba. What to do?

Splits: page 10 (crawl between legs), page 6 (jump for ledge)

Path: from page 16

Puzzle solution: Crawl between the legs on page ten.

Page 6, Chapter 2: Luigi tries to get away, but the grand goomba is too fast for him, reaching out with a “hand” and seize him for lunch time.

Game over

Path: from page 108

Puzzle solution: Goombas have hands, yes and it wasn’t a typo.

Page 10, Chapter 5: Luigi goes low and in between the goomba’s legs (which have been recently shaved for foreshadowing) without touching them. He finds coins too! (On the ground- not.. never mind.) So he’s safe, but we got no closure on the shaving subject, at least for now.

Reward: eleven coins

Splits: page 105

Path: from page 108

Page 105, Chapter 58: Luigi hears sounds below. Down the road is steam from pools of boiling water when he spots Wendy O Koopa.

Splits: page 87

Path: from page 10, page 82, page 90, page 100, page 57

Puzzle solution: Look at those paths funneling down to this one page! Yes, an important path.

Page 82, Chapter 44: Luigi gets to a ledge for a good view of the super huge and angry grand goomba coming up. He considers fighting but lets it get away. He can jump for the cave or return to the trail next.

Splits: page 47 (jump for cave), page 105 (return to trail)

Path: from page 16

Puzzle solution: One-hundred five leads soon to Wendy but if you don’t have items, think again. Forty-seven leads to money.

Page 35, Chapter 18: Luigi is in a room with a catwalk and a bunch of firesnakes below, immobilized by the coldness of the room. Before long however some messenger koopas show up. Use the puzzle to know how to handle the situation.

Puzzles: 1, decipher

Splits: page 90 (fight the koopa), page 115 (jump to platform)

Path: from page 38, page 62

Puzzle solution: See the letters on the Koopa’s backs and advance that letter by the number of the koopa’s placement. Nifty! You should get ‘escape’ from doing it correctly. Use one-hundred fifteen to get an item you need eventually.

Page 101, Chapter 56: Luigi looks through the keyhole and maybe catches a flash of who could be Wendy before it’s gone. Frighteningly there is a boo diddly creeping up.

Puzzle: 1, word search, just a hint

Splits: page 69 (run!), page 50 (stand your ground)

Path: from page 28

Puzzle solution: The word search (without a helpful word bank) reveals how scary the boo is. Fifteen or less ‘spooky’ words and Luigi should stay, more that that he should split. It isn’t too bad. Here’s what I found: shock, petrify, creepy, spirit, apparition, haunted, ghoul, vision, terrify, boo, scary, spooky, RIP, fantasy, illusion, and psy. That’s… sixteen! Go to sixty-nine, you’ll be on way to get and item.

Page 69, Chapter 36: Luigi rushes through the door and stops at the drop off with Dry bones in the pit. There is a lift but aslo an interesting doorway he could check out. Use the puzzle.

Puzzle: 1, decipher (error)

Splits: page 8 (leap for lift), page 26 (jump to floor)

Path: from page 28, page 101

Puzzle solution: While simple, how close looking the goomba poses are can make this more complicated than it should be since the ‘O’ letter has a small mistake in the coloring. The phase is ‘Rise to the occasion’ so go to eight.

Page 8, Chapter 4: Luigi takes the lift up until there’s another platform coming up. Can he make the jump?

Puzzle: 1, logic

Splits: page 99 (jump), page 66 (stay on lift)

Path: from page 69

Puzzle solution: Enjoy another graph puzzle with rules you only slightly grasp. The uniqueness of it makes up for it somewhat. Luigi can jump two blocks so you just need to confirm if the platform will be in the position it’s already in when Luigi is level with it. With my calculations he can make the jump. Go to sixty-six for the key route.

Page 90, Chapter 49: Luigi fights the koopa troopas easily, bopping shells and whatnot. Then he gets out of there.

Reward: two coins

Splits: page 105

Path: from page 35

Page 115, Chapter 64: As the koopas approach Luigi hits a block to gain a fire flower. Of course the koopas are busy defeating themselves, but our plumber still needs to land on the ground. Use the puzzle.

Puzzle: 1, logic

Splits: page 100 (swerve right), page 57 (swerve left)

Path: from page 35

Puzzle solution: Study the illustration of how the koopas will rebound. You need to fill three rows of the pattern, slightly excessively, but I figured it out. The right side on page one-hundred will have two koopas. Not too hard after all unless you were as determined as I was to not write in your book. Go to page one-hundred to avoid a hazard.

Page 100, Chapter 55: Luigi swerves right, gains some coins, and defeats some more koopas. He now has a power up.

Reward: ten coins, fire power

Splits: Page 105

Path: from page 115

Page 57, Chapter 29: Luigi lands safely only to get hit by a koopa a second later. Oh well. He bolts.

Reward: five coins

Buffet: lose firepower

Splits: page 105

Path: from page 115

Page 50, Chapter 25: Luigi attempts some crafty maneuvers to avoid the boo, but it does go as planned exactly. Try for the front door or go around the block again?

Splits: page 12 (try for door), page 79 (go around block)

Path: from page 101

Puzzle solution: Go around the block on seventy-nine.

Page 12, Chapter 6: Luigi turns his back on a Boo Diddly and it ends with him as its snack.

Game over

Path: from page 50

Page 79, Chapter 42: Luigi speedily moves about for some distance referring the Mushroom Games. (Book #2 Leaping Lizards ref?) and reaches the door, having to take a leap of faith.

Splits: page 26

Path: from page 50

Page 26, Chapter 13: Luigi deals with the dry bones into the pit. He fights for a bit but bones always come back so it’s time to leave that situation via a stairway out.

Splits: page 51

Path: from page 69, page 79, page 32

Page 99, Chapter 54: Luigi makes the leap to the platform and tries a switch block. The platform drops!

Splits: page 22

Path: from page 8

Page 22, Chapter 11: The platform clashes into the stone floors but remains in intact just enough for lava to get involved again.

Splits: page 80

Path: from page 99

Page 66, Chapter 34: Luigi remains on the lift, reaching the top of a huge chamber. He thinks he sees one of Wendy’s candy rings but investigation doesn’t go anywhere. Sherlock Mario he is not, or should he try to be?

Splits: page 63 (investigate), page 32 (leave)

Path: from page 8

Puzzle solution: Go Sherlock on page six-three for an item.

Page 32, Chapter 16: Luigi goes back to the lift. He notices a p-switch he missed. Oh well. He rides back down again and leaves.

Splits: page 26

Path: from page 66, page 63

Page 63, Chapter 33: Luigi hits blocks in the cramped spaces and earns a key before examining the door that appears. Use the puzzle to find out how to use the bow shaped lock thing.

Puzzles: 1, decipher

Rewards: nine coins, key

Splits: page 114 (go through door), page 32 (don’t)

Path: from page 66

Puzzle solution: Looks worse than it is. Go from the first circle onward taking note of the letters but on the same one twice. The message hint its ‘no place for plumbers’ so go to page thirty-two.

Page 114, Chapter 63: Luigi enters a kitchen where Wendy is tending to a gross looking pot. It’s Bowser’s surprise birthday cake and your punishment for ruing the surprise is death.

Game over

Path: from page 63

Puzzle solution: Worth noting that, assuming Wendy is telling the truth, this is the only ending where nothing sinister is going on.

Page 87, Chapter 47: Luigi sees Wendy and some koopa guards in the fog, but can’t make it all out perfectly. A secret door appears but when he tries to find it its gone. There is a keyhole in the shape of Bowser’s head. Do you have the key?

Splits: page 119 (has key), page 33 (no key)

Path: from page 105

Page 51, Chapter 26: Luigi thinks this is a weird caper (title drop! Kind of). It gets hot as he notices a p switch with a poem carved in it on what to do or not.

Puzzle: 1, logic

Splits: page 73 (one not like others), page 62 (four make a match)

Path: from page 26

Puzzle solution: There are four circles in this giant illustration and frankly I have no clue what they are supposed to have in common or not. Three of four are symmetrical going two ways but one is symmetrical one way? So I think there’s an odd one out yet Page sixty-two will lead to coins, which totally goes against my suspicions.

Page 62, Chapter 32: Luigi hits the switch and a hidden door pops up. Also coins. Also the door shuts on him. Also something rustles unseen! Also… well turn the page already!

Reward: eight coins

Splits: page 35

Path: from page 51

Page 33, Chapter 17: So Luigi lacks the key. Never to fear, doing absolutely nothing was a valid strategy for Luigi even in ‘91. He waits until the door is opened by some koopas. He sneaks in where there’s a red cavern with a ramp going up. He’s not alone.

Splits: page 104

Path: from 87

Page 104, Chapter 57: Half a dozen fire bros line and start shooting at Luigi. He needs a game plan.

Splits: page 59 (firepower), page 68 (no firepower)

Path: from page 33, page 119

Puzzle solution: Have fire power on page one-hundred or else. Go to fifty-nine.

Page 68, Chapter 35: Luigi goes up the steps with a fierce war cry that doesn’t work. He’s blasted with six fireballs at once. Ouch!

Game over

Path: from page 104

Page 119, Chapter 66: Luigi enters with the key. The next room is a large chamber with lava on a sides and a funny smell. Luigi soon discovers that it’s Boom Boom’s nasty socks, deposited carefully in a plastic bag. Move on.

Rewards: Sweat socks, three coins

Splits: page 104

Path: from page 87

Page 59, Chapter 31: Luigi uses his own fire power to wipe out the fire bros (described as checkered, which is a curious way to describe a fire bro’s shell pattern, but okay) when the last one flees into a square room where fireballs can easily bounce back. On you! Use the puzzle.

Puzzle: 1, ‘get a ruler’

Splits: page 112 (drawing A), page 86 (drawing B)

Path: from page 104

Puzzle solution: Look at image A and B to see which angle will result in Luigi’s fireball hitting the fire bro after it rebounds twice AFTER the arrow already done for you. Missing that and not getting the correct tool to measure the bounce angles might tempt you to pick the wrong answer. Kind of contrived, why is there a blank perfectly square room right there anyway? But I liked it. Go to option A on page one-hundred twelve.

Page 86, Chapter 46: Math was one of Luigi’s better subjects. Ha ha not! He’s whacked by his own friendly fire.

Game over

Path: page 59

Page 112, Chapter 62: In a flash Luigi defeats the fire bro with a fireball, leaving the room empty. He goes to the next room with everything creepy but uneventful. Next he looks into a window to find something shocking.

Splits: page 18

Path: from page 59

Page 18, Chapter 9: Luigi sneaks into the room where Bowser baddies gather around Wendy as she stirs a pot and rants about missing the last item, the sweat socks. Great, so Luigi can confront her alone. Not great, Bowser shows up suddenly.

Splits: page 96

Path: from page 112

Puzzle solution: Well, this is one of the most exciting pages in the book until this point.

Page 96, Chapter 53: Bowser and his sons stride in, including Ludwig Von (as the book calls him). Wendy stole the wands and using Bowser’s “Reptile magic and VCR programming instructions’ she seeks to create a super wand to take over. Luigi lead Bowser and his sons there so props to him. Sorta, because now they’re trying to find him and likely not to give him a thank you present. Luigi reveals his hiding spot with a plan depending on if he has an item or not.

Splits: page 23 (has socks), page 77 (no socks)

Path: from page 18

Puzzle solution: Use the socks on page twenty-three.

Page 77, Chapter 41: Using using his scary looking but not actually dangerous plumbing tool that Bowser sees through right away. He’s dropped into the slime.

Game over

Path: from page 96

WIN Page 23, Chapter 12: Luigi grabs the socks. Bowser tries to make a deal in the way only he would, but Luigi flings the socks into the pot. The room fills with a new color called ‘grorange’ and the koopas are put to sleep. The smell lingers with Luigi enough for him to take a break for it out of there, snatching coins as well.

Reward: one-hundred coins

Splits: -

Path: from page 77

Puzzle solution: Uh.. yeah. That’s the end. See summary.

Summary and conclusions: As stated in the intro, this was the eighth book I’ve read and unfortunately one of the more disappointing. It was also difficult but that wasn’t my issue with it. This book is a slightly worser Dinosaur Dilemma (Book #7) in that you have a not particularly structured area and it’s your job to find the items you need and then reach the ending sequence with little help. What makes this not particularly fun is that the locations in this book are monotonous. Lava, caves, caverns, capers.. repeat. I will give the book credit for a premise that’s interesting at the outset but they don’t really do anything with that. We have a story were *spoilers* Wendy is defecting from her dad and her brothers but the story fails to keep up the momentum. The recipe you find and the fort you might discover incriminates Wendy immediately and spoils the surprise. Worse yet there is a page or two of resolve before the story’s over. Puzzle wise we have some here of an interesting design, involving calculations of objects you have to imagine are in motion. Others are confusing or the standard ‘decipher’ type. Luigi is a sole traveler in this book so you don’t get much humor, banter, or jokes. Coins are scattered very scarcely, but the end dumps one-hundred coins on you and its a moot point. So, yeah. Not the most enjoyable for me. 1/5.

Optimal path:

START: 1- 20- 58- 84- 76 (seven coins)- 28- 69- 8- 66- 63 (key, nine coins)- 32- 26- 51- 73- 80- 106- 92- 74- 47 (nine coins)- 38- 35- 115- 100 (fire flower, ten coins)- 105- 87- 119 (socks, three coins)- 104- 59 (use fire)- 112- 18- 96- 23 (one-hundred coins, using socks) END

Don’t worry about coins because the score is bugged like several other books. You will be a “Rompin’ Stompin’ Wrenchmaster Supreme” by default. The fire flower, socks, and key are needed but not the recipe so we skip it. Don’t forget that without the key you also won’t get the socks you need for literally the last page. If you want to obtain all items though, since this is a book where that’s actually easy, add this following path to the start. START: 1- 20- 58- 84- 49- 110- 28- 69- 8- 66- 63 etc…

Location of items:

Puzzle analysis: Sixteen puzzles. We have a whopping eight ‘logic’ puzzles, five ‘decipher’, one maze, one ‘get a ruler’, and one word search/ just a hint. A bit skewed on the logic side aren’t we? They could be pretty tough and they could have toned it down a bit. While I don’t want puzzles to be mindless, several puzzles need paragraphs just to explain the instructions which is a bit excessive.

*New* Book goals:

Enter the firesnake cave: on page thirty-five not really a point thing, but this path puts you near an item you need.

Battle the grand goomba: one-hundred eight, gives points.

Get burned by hot feet: gives coins on forty-seven.

Visit Wendy O’s camp: on forty-one that gives exposition but otherwise no rewards and I’m not sure why they want you to do that.

Pick the fire flower: needed to win actually on one-hundred.

Smell the stinking sock: again needed to win on one-hundred nine. I’m not so sure if the smelling part was needed however..

Work dates: 12/23, 12/24/19, 2/20/20, 11/14/20, 11/15, 11/14/21