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(Draft) Luigi is Mario’s Queen…

Info: Originally submitted to Tumblr 6/8/18, but never went anywhere. I think I continued on a little bit in handwritten form, but digitizing that and other things will be another article. This was somewhat like ‘Ain’t Talking ‘Bout Love’ to intentionally tease you but not go there, if you get what I mean. Enjoy UNEDITED

...According to Mario chess at least, and Bowser Junior is Bowser's queen according to the same board game. But no, this isn't that kind of story. Or is it?

“Wait,” Luigi called as his brave and fearless brother rushed into battle. This time against the savage evil Bowser Koopa.Mario turned around and something was placed on this forehead, his own red M emblem cap.

“Thanks, bro. If not for you, I’d forget my head.”

“You did,” Luigi smiled. “Leave those detachable skeleton powerups alone.”

Mario shrugged his broad shoulders. “That was Cappy’s fault, and besides I paid a lot of coinage for that. Well, I’m off.”

Mario would return to Mario Castle beaten and bruised, but victorious. He had a slightly twisted ankle, numerous cuts all over, burnt marks, and even somehow ringing in one of his ears. However, if not for his hat, the double damage would have done him in. Luigi had yet again saved his brother in a small but monumental way….

Big trouble in Neo Bowser City (TENTATIVE TITLE)

By: C. Mechayoshi

Created: 9/28/17, 10/26/17 ,11/12/17, 11/21/17

Summary: Two Mushroom Kingdom ambassadors are sent to Neo Bowser City for a seemingly innocuous bill, but soon discover that everyone has secrets. Everyone. Tentative synopsis.

Author note: Second draft, now in first person.

Info: Another rare instance of first person stuff, and based on Toadette? Note that when I finally released a first person story about Toadette, it wouldn’t be until 2018, aka ‘Toads are a Genderless Species’ . We have some early FF1 era characterization, which is sorta interesting because in that story we didn’t get to see Toad’s character too much. I normally credit New Frenemy Adventure in 2018 for shaping my take on ‘Mr. Toad’, alas this story predates that and is more clearly what I was inspired by. At least a bit. Enjoy. UNEDITED.

Life is a roadway. You might have heard that before, I know I certainly have. We are even told that said road will be full of obstacles, curves, bumps, you may even have to take a detour. Let me share something. I’m no motivational speaker but all of that is true, the only part missing is the fact that sometimes if you fall off of that road called life there’s a hundred foot drop like in Yoshi’s Valley. Speaking of roads...

The car wiped around another turn and I braced myself. This would be bad enough anyday, but now it was dark and wet outside. If both of my hands weren’t clamping down on the coat hangers for stability, they’d be around a certain drivers throat.

"Life is a highway, I wanna ride it all night long!" The driver sang along with the radio.

I groaned at the red capped Mushroom Retainer next to me. Or at least that used to be his title. "This is a long enough drive, just shut up…Okay fine, I have to ask. What highway is life anyway?"

"Toad's Turnpike."

“Oh ha ha…” I slumped back in the padded leather seat again as we started going straight uphill with heavy eyes. He had to mention that place? Now I was thinking of Toad’s Turnpike, but mirror mode. At least that nightmarish imagery woke me up slightly. I glanced at him, still nodding away at pop music. I was being driven in a luxury car, tricked out with all kinds of adjustments I was too nervous to pay attention to. The stereo was great though, unfortunately I’d rather enjoy it from the comfort of my bed than here.

“Are we there yet?” I had to ask, as much as it made me sound like a five year old.

“That’s something I should be asking!” he replied.

Yes, that was an appropriate childish response, but I rolled my eyes anyway. “Come on. You seem to know exactly where we're going. It's like you do this a lot.”

“I do,” he explained, “There's a lot of places that are airship restricted you know.”

“Huh. So that's why I've been stuck with you for four hours when we could have been there in two?”

When I arrived for my usual evening shift at Peach's Castle, the last thing I expected was to be whisked away to who-knows-where as an ambassador and with Toad of all people! Yes, this was that Toad. The famous mushroom retainer that was recently promoted to head Castle Advisor after Mr. Toadsworth’s retirement.

It all happened so fast. I walked in, clocked in with my neat card labeled “Toadette Toadstool”, and was in the office looking over the manager's duty list when a small arm wrapped around mine. Toad dragged me outside where the car was waiting. ‘Let’s go on an adventure,’ he said. Who did he think he was? Captain Toad? I told him I needed to work, I wasn’t top billing like he was and I was saving up for a little something nice.. But then he mentioned this adventure was paid and double. I nodded and he said to quickly pack. I don’t know if it was his excitement amping me up or the hundred thousand coin car parked before me, but I obeyed and now here I was...

“You bet,” he continued. “Oh it has something to do about reducing terrorism I think…” Toad spoke even more nonchalant than usual. I didn't think it possible. He then turned up the windshield wipers as rain started to patter harder on the windshield and roof of the car.

“So yeah. But at least I’ve gotten to drive all of Peach's cars by now. If it weren't for me, they probably rot anyway. Peach still only has a permit, didya know?”

“What?! Now way!” I covered my mouth but giggles escaped regardless. For the first time I started to wonder what other ‘dirt’ Toad had from practically being raised doing castle service. I supposed that was a conversation for another day…

“Anything else you want to know, babe?” he asked with a sly little smirk I could barely make out in the darkness.

I wracked my brain. Being scared for four hours straight must have emptied it, but I came up with something. “Umm, well I packed light. Everything will be taken care of when we get there, right?

Toad waved one hand. “We’ll have a place, food, oh and a bed.”

“That will work I suppose.” I crossed my arms in my seat and stared out the window. I had a bit of a reputation as a cry baby, but nope. Not today. I had to keep up the presence that I wasn’t literally dragged along to an unknown place for exact reasons I didn't know, but that was going to be rough. I hadn’t been this uncertain since that time I got caught cheating the Happy Lucky Lottery. Don’t expect me to bring that up again.

“I mean after all,” he continued, “this isn’t some hit town. It’s Neo Bowser City.”

My heart skipped a beat.

Neo Bowser City. Known as 'that thuggish place we shouldn't visit' around Peach's Castle, 'vacation' by Dark Land residents, and 'the Detroit of the Mushroom Kingdom' by the Mario brothers. I on the other hand, believed that behind the Bowser propaganda was just a large city with large city things, both good and bad. Of course some Bowser factions lived and worked in the area, 85% of it, but how much worse could it be than any other city with a sizable baddie population? Even the Mushroom Kingdom had 30% baddies in this day and age. Yes, I keep up with such statistics as anyone wanting to become a councilor should, but I’m getting carried away.

I wasn’t ‘scared’ of Bowser City, but the reasons we would visit did. Toad mentioned in passing that the Princess had approved of a bill and only needed a physical presence at the signing. But that raised so many questions!

“Earth to Toadette,” he laughed, “you’re spacing out.”

I blinked a few times. “W-what is the bill anyway?” I asked before I could stop myself. Way to show your scared little hands, myself.

“A real important one, babe. And about you know who…”

Their might as well have been a light bulb above my head. A leaned up straight. I was on top. “So it's King Koopa. I knew it. He’s promising no kidnaps for the twentieth time, right?”

He shook his head.

Abort. Abort. Your idea was awful. Cut off that light- no, shatter it. Outwardly I let out a sigh. “Why am I with you then?! I’m not getting it!”

“You’re a manager, right? You wear that fancy pen every day saying so.”

I was well aware business card sized pen I wore. It was pink, matched my attire, and let other castle Toads, younger and older, know who’s boss. Relatively speaking. I was in charge of making sure the castle didn’t blow itself up from evening until everyone’s bedtime. Oddly enough there wasn’t an equivalent job for mornings. I’d heard few people shared the manager role but how that worked I didn't know or really care. Currently my mornings had me swimming in homework for next school season, usually my speciality in math and linguistics.

I glanced back at Toad. His stupid smile told me I’d zoned out again.

“You’re fine babe. It’s easy to drift on the road.”

I yawned. “Got that right. How do you stay so awake? I’m impressed we aren’t in a ditch yet.”

He smiled. “My secret. Now why did I choose you? Well for one, you’re more educated that most of the other Toads, oh and you don’t back down, plus you're hot stuff. I know what you’re about to say, but you can deny that being good looking can make deals do down better. Now I know you don’t know all the details, but you’re going to be a great help. Now you get it, babe?”

I must has silently stared for at least five seconds while his eyes were on the road with that same smirk. Oh, but now I knew… The way he just steered the conversation with as much ease as he did Peach’s car. Toad just naturally had a thing that a few were born with.

Charm. Ugh.

The next thing I remembered was Toad yawning loudly with radio static in the background. Dim lights passed in a blur. We were in a tunnel. I sat up and stretched best I could in the seat belt. Wait, I fell asleep with Toad being the last thing on my mind?! I jolted up in her seat at the thought, catching his attention.

"Yeah, it is getting late and I'm cramping up too," he said raspily. "Wanted to tour around a bit but I guess we'd better buckle down.."

I rubbed my eyes. "...Where are we?"

That moment we emerged from the tunnel and I was nearly blinded by bright neon lights. The radio came back to life with some kind of Koo$ha Pop song. As we strolled through the city at reduced speed, my eyes were glued to the window like a child in a candy shop. I was never allowed much candy as a child. In fact I had braces, but that’s random isn’t it? I noticed the various shops selling food, domestics, drugs- no not like that, but you’d never know.. Pedestrians lined the streets even at the late hour, and though most were of Koopa species, I spotted a Toad or two in the mix on every block. Then we came up on a hotel skyrise. It took me a few seconds to realize that we had stopped for good.

“Come on, babe. The guy can't park the car with you in it!” Toad teased from outside my window.

I groaned and pushed the door out, bumping him on purpose, but I froze the moment her feet hit the asphalt. “We're staying in a fancy hotel?!”

“No, we're sleeping on the street...Yes, this fancy hotel! It’s the Koopa Tycoon. As if Peach would send us anywhere else! Oh, and yeah we have our own rooms. Don't get those cute lil ponytails in a twist.”

I wanted to slap myself first for asking the stupid question, then Toad for his reply. “I knew that!” It’s was hard to resist pouting but I was supposed to be the mature one here. The SUV sped off behind me and then there was a particularly loud clap of thunder.

Toad jumped. “Better get inside. This sure has been a wet night!”

I took a few steps closer. “Umm, yeah.. This city is geographically positioned to have constant wet seasons.”

Toad held the door open for me. “Well thank you, Professor. Ladies first!”

My annoyed look at his jab disappeared the moment l stepped foot inside. I felt clean glass panels of the Koopa Tycoon were already slightly incongruous with the rundown buildings near by, but the inside well.. It would convince you that you were in Poshley Heights. Our shoes squeaked on the white marble floors encrusted with multicolored gems. I’d done enough spelunking to recognize irregularly shaped topaz, amethyst, emerald, and ruby at the least. Yes, this girl knows her precious stones. Embarrassingly though that analytical side of me got shoved aside instantly at the sight of a malfunctioning indoor fountain. It was a Spike spitting water, but without sufficient water pressure the stream trickled and water flowed off of the round bulbous body and dripped in the pool between its legs. Yes, it looked like it was-

“Huh, who knew the rich liked peeing statues?” Toad asked me. With a straight face.

I laughed, but then I thought. “Wait. That’s not a malfunction?”

He shrugged as we reached the onix desk. No one was there, or in the lobby at all. As Toad rung the bell I glanced upwards seeing all fifty floors and the night sky from the glass roof. There were also comfy looking places to sit at and a bar that was closed. Dem lamps made the lobby a calm and subdued, if not echoey sanctuary isolated from the city life outside. I could get used to this, well except for the statues.

Toad tapped me on the shoulder with a smile. “Stop drooling.”


“Can I help you?” the yellow shelled, pencil mustache sporting Koopa receptionist asked. He couldn’t came from anywhere other than behind the desk. His eyes were kinda baggy too. Was he sleeping back there?

Toad dug in a briefcase I didn't know he had, and grabbed a folded paper out from it. He laid it neatly on the desk without a word, just smiling and waiting. It was amusing to see how quick the receptionist woke up and whistled.

“T-the ushers should be here any moment, Mr. Toadstool.” The receptionist glued his eyes to a hallway, as if every second the ushers weren’t there meant a time bomb was ticking. I would have expected sweat to drip of of him had the ushers not emerged in ten seconds flat. A Goomba and Shy Guy, both in their neatly pressed hotel uniforms stood straight beside Toad.

“Luggage?” The Goomba grunted. I recognised the Dark Land accent right away. Speaking of which, the receptionist had too. I figured, but it still unnerved me slightly.

“Here.” Toad gave him a backpack and I handed over my bag. The Goomba wasted no time marching away though the Shy Guy lingered.

“And uh it’s normally closed this late but, so, you umm..” the he whispered.

“The hottub? Sounds fun,” Toad said.

“They have that?” I asked. The Sky Guy nodded and I noticed the receptionist suspiciously gone though I heard faint snoring.

“Uh, yeah..sure. Here are the passes your highness.”

Before I knew it, he’d put a red ribbon around my neck and Toad busted a gut.

“Yo. She’s not the princess. We are here for her though.”

“Yes yes. Very, uh, sorry. I will check on the rooms now.. So, like, wait here.”

The odd usher sped off the way the goomba had and I was just there gaping.

“I know, babe. Get used the craziness. Anyway, we’re gonna have the double presidential with the mini bar and junk, or something. I usually pass out on the Lakitu cloud king size beds before I can really relax, but today we have an extra day so we can check stuff out tomorrow.”

“You’ve been here before?”

Toad leaned back casually on the desk. “Thrice. But only as a halfway point to some farther Kingdom. This’ll be the first time I’ve needed to actually do business here, I guess that’s why I got sent here a day early.”

“To acclimate to this hostile environment.”

Toad looked at me funny, then smiled. “Relax sometime! This is a city. We aren’t gonna step on a landmine by mistake.”

“But, why stay here an extra day?”

He gave me a sly smirk. “To have fun!”

And right then the Shy Guy stepped off an elevator.

“It’s all umm, ready. You want to uh, follow me?”

Toad started towards him. “We’re good. I have the card keys in my pocket. Toadette?”

“Where are our rooms?” I asked as I followed him to the elevator. It was clean and sterile with onix floors but also slightly cramped, though having three of them made of for it.

Toad glanced at his card key as the doors closed. “To the 56th.”

I blinked twice. “-But there’s only fifty!”

He smiled at me. “See? Chose you for a reason.”

I put my hand on my hip. “Wait. You had to bring a partner?”

He shrugged. “Peach suggested. I’d choose you anyday over most of the teenagers she’s been hiring lately. No offense to them, they’re still learning, but at least you’ve experience what the Mario life is about.”

I had to agree with that. I didn’t have half the experience as him, but I’d still been though more than enough Mario Karts and Party to know exactly what Mario deals with. I didn’t even want to think about the Captain Toad fiascos. It was odd though. Toad was my age, but I kind of categorized him with them with the teens. Toad had a flippant aura, but now I was starting to see that I maybe I was wrong. I mean, I should have sooner, he was the Castle Advisor now, but it was the way he smoothly handled this day. He was genuinely relaxed and on top of things, from getting us here, to handling the rooming, to knowing what to expect. Yep, I may have been wrong. Toad was no clown after all.

“Babe. Lost you there for a moment.”

Toad and I were in front of our room, 444 apparently, and I must have spaced out while thinking about him AGAIN.

“Do you always drool when you think of me?” He asked as he slipped my card key in my hand.

“No!...Wait how did you-“

He clicked open the door and a fresh blast of air hit my face. “You were staring a hole through me. Not that I blame ya. I am pretty hot.”

Okay, I take that back. He was a clown for sure.

I walked in, too tired to protest. There was a furnished front room with that mini bar thing and two doors leading to bedrooms. Toad was right, the sight of the bed makes you forget everything else. I vaguely remember brushing my teeth and before I know it I was in my room visiting Subcon for a little while.

Chemistry (tentative title/ draft 3)

By: C. Mechayoshi

Created 5/30/17 (first draft)

6/4/17 (second)

7/7/17 (Third)

Summary: Not all Mario characters get along. When they get mixed up anyway, shenanigans occur. (Based on Mario Super Sluggers but is commentary on silly roster choices in a lot of Mario games)

Author note: Yes, this is silly. Enjoy.

Info: Old versions of Chemistry, sitting on the backburner forever until in 2018 I finally uploaded it to a proper site and turned it into a series. The various drafts aren't that different, but are live on my tumblr to this day anyway. Here's the last of them. UNEDITED

Chapter1: Chemistry Crisis

Scenario 1: Shaggy Dog

Toadette marched down the street gang style with her good chemistry pals, Peach, Birdo, Toad, Toadsworth, Noki, and Pink Mii. It was a warm sunny day in the Mushroom Kingdom and they were heading down to the park where they would continue to own Toad Town with their tight friendship and good chemistry, or at least while playing baseball..

Peach whipped back her blond ponytail. She was wearing her signature sports attire consisting of a pink tank top and shorts. “It's great to have such amazing friends, isn't it?” she asked no one in particular.

Birdo straightened her bow. She had no special outfit, but she proudly wore a diamond ring (rumored to be a gift from Yoshi) that glistened in the sunlight. “Of course darling! We have the best fun!” However when the two girl’s eyes met, a spark ignited between the two.

“I can't stand you, Birdo!” Peach spat as she stopped walking and crossed her arms. “I’ve hated you since SMB2! You are always spitting eggs ever where you go! How unladylike!! Also as if-”

“Go there darling, and I will slap you to the dream world again,” Birdo warned, glaring back.

Toadette stepped in between them and held her arms out. “Guys! I mean, girls! Stop!!!”

Toadsworth laughed. “Indeed, young ladies! Cannot our mutual love for Toadette bridge the gap between us all?”

Toadette gave the elder a weird look. “Umm...don't say it like that... Let's keep it at having good results on the baseball field.”

“This is about baseball?” Jelectro Bond, the Noki asked. “I feel I am in the wrong story.”

BEEP BEEP. A car loudly honked at the septet. They were in the middle of the street after all. Everyone immediate got on the sidewalk but Birdo and Peach avoided eye contact, Toadsworth stood too close to Toadette, Jelectro was still confused, and Toad and Pink Mii continued to stand around.

Toad grabbed a handful of the popcorn he had. “Anyway, of course you belong. All Nokis love Toadette, and we're the Toadette Typhoons, right? So are we gonna have a cat fight or not?” Toad asked, looking at Peach and Birdo ammusingly.

“No!” Toadette yelled. “Let's just hang out at the park.”

“Yay, the park!” The pink Mii piped up. She was a really basic looking Mii. One might say she was a 'default' one, but she still got along with Toadette and that was all that mattered.

Just around the block, Toadette's arch-enemy Bowser, Goomba, and Paragoomba showed up before the gang could start moving again.

“Well look at these losers!” Bowser teased. He and the goombas stood in a line, taking up the whole sidewalk.

Toadette turned red in frustation. “We just wanna go to the park! Oh-” She abruptly leaned over, wrapping her arms around her self. A second later, the same happened to Peach, Toad and Toadsworth and they lay with Toadette on the hot concrete sidewalk.

“We... all hate Bowser, Goomba, and Paragoomba for…. obvious reasons.... Our fielding stats will now suffer...” Toadette gasped.

Bond scratched his head. “Excusez moi?”

Birdo shook her head in pittyance. “Bad chemistry, dear.”

“That's right pipsqueak!....Wait, I don't feel so good...” The extra large goomba stumbled forwards. “I just HATE Toad and Toadsworth! They think they're better than me!”

Bond lifted his sunglasses. “Richard? Is that you? I feel we should know each other.”

“I don't know you from Adam, shortie!” Dick stammered.

Bowser stepped past Dick. “That was weird.. So anyway, only the greatest king ever could reduce you all to-”

“Bad chemistry is mutual, honey.” Birdo said offhandedly.

Bowser then fell out to the ground in a thud, having bad chemistry with Peach, Toad, Toadette, and Toadsworth. “How is this happening?! Besides I secretly love Peach!!!”

Peach opened one eye despite her weakening. “Bowser, you fool, that's no secret!”

Now only Birdo, Bond, Pink Mii, and Paragoomba were left standing.

“What's it gonna be?” the Paragoomba teased. “I got no bad chemistry, what about you all?”

“I am still not sure why I'm here, but I have an odd dislike for Bowser Junior and Petey,” Bond replied. “Junior put a dent on my one million coin Aston Mushroom with his bike and never paid for it. Petey literally ate me on a spy mission, but I would rather not speak about that.”

The paragoomba thought for a moment. “Who knows where that Junior brat is, and Petey Piranha got departed somewhere when WiiU came out. I guess you're safe, spy dude. What about you?” He looked to Birdo.

She put her hand on her hip. “I cannot stand Peach, Tiny Kong, Wario, Blooper, and Waluigi.”

“Peach? Why did she not make you physically ill before?” Bond asked.

“I guess our mutual friendship with Toadette canceled it out the worse effects. And besides, Peach now is on the floor knocked out, like she should be!”

The paragoomba smirked. “Oooh! You two got some bad history, don't ya?”

Birdo huffed. “She's only the stupidest blonde ever! And Tiny? Such a tease. Wario, Blooper and Waluigi are just gross!”

“I do not think I understand how these chemistry rules work, but now what?” Bond asked.

“Leave?” Birdo asked. Birdo, Bond and paragoomba dropped what ever confrontation there was supposed to be, and left everyone else on the floor. Because their chemistry was bad with each other, no one was ever able to move again, thus making this a pointless (shaggy dog) story.

Scenario 2: Buddy Jump?

Mario and Bowser were in the center and left outfield together. Why a player would do that is unknown, but anyway King Boo was at the bat and predictably got a great hit, right between the hero and villain.

“Out of the way, plumber! It's mine!” Bowser growled. His heavy feet moved rapidly in an attempt to follow the ball's shadow.

“It's too high, we'll have to buddy jump!” Mario called, having reached the wall before Bowser.

The ball was still in the air, and about to leave the field when Bowser caught up.

“It's now or never! Trust me!” Mario urged.

Bowser shot him a look. “Well okay, come here!”

They stood by each other to activate the move, but something went wrong. Mario picked up Bowser instead of Bowser picking up Mario. The unnatural power of bad chemistry made Mario fling Bowser over the wall into the audience. Popcorn and hot dogs went everywhere as Bowser’s massive body belly flopped on the stadium seats and audience. Meanwhile, the ball continued souring and went into space resulting in a grand slam with King K. Rool, Funky Kong, and Wario already on bases. King Boo's team won 4-0.

Mario and Bowser, were standing around in the baseball center lobby, because they weren’t allowed in the party room.

Bowser punched Mario’s shoulder.


“That’s for making me lose, plumber.” Bowser growled.

Mario distanced himself from the Koopa King. “I think we did the best we could considering we were the only players on our team!”

Just then, Toadsworth entered through the glass doors to the lobby. He had a noticeable tan, as if he’d been lying in the sun on a sidewalk, but that’s oddly specific imagery, isn’t it? His shuffle became a brisk walk the moment he noticed Mario and Bowser.

“Tally ho, Master Mario! The Koopa King is right behind you!” Toadsworth called as he approached.

“I know,” Mario muttered, holding his sore shoulder.

“What did that old man just call me?” Bowser asked.

Toadsworth slowed down to his usual slow pace with a relieved look. “I apologize. It escaped me that you two were the losing team earlier. I had heard that you were partnered with someone unexpected but I assumed that to be anyone but that tyrant!”

“Watch it, old man!” Bowser warned, smoke threatening to pour from his nostrils.

“Well I am proud to announce this!”

“What?” Mario asked.

Toadsworth handed Mario a paper. He looked over it while Bowser stomp his foot impatiently and Toadsworth stood in front of him.

It read that Mario and Bowser's team would be given the win because King Boo was discovered to have been using illegal Boo vitamins, King K. Rool had threatened a coach, Wario had bribed someone, and everyone realized that it was ridiculous that Funky was using a surfboard as a bat.

“We won?!”

Bowser snatched the paper from Mario’s hand. “What? Hey, we did!”

“Congradulations-” Toadsworth’s praise was cut off Bowser’s flame breath.

Mario and Bowser were standing outside the baseball pavilion with ribbons around their necks. Mario looked at his appreciatively. “We might not work well together, but I guess it's good we didn't cheat!”

Bowser responded by punching him in the shoulder again as a spaceship came out of nowhere.

Rosalina came out of the spaceship disgruntledly holding a ball. “Who sent this ball into space? It broke a window in my bedroom and made all of the Lumas cry!”

“Run!” Mario said.

Author note: Jelectro Bond is the telekinetic spy from Mario and Bowser: Frenemies Forever, in case no one gets it. Richard/Dick the goomba is too.

A tale begins with a quote from “SuperLuigi13” of Gamefaqs.

Bowser Jr.: Dad, what's the roster say about the baby count"

Bowser: IT'S OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!....I mean 5...”

(Will be relevant later)

The 100,015h Member of the Koopa Troop (2/26/21ish)

Just an premise dump. This was never gonna work when people found out where the idea came from, but I had an ideal here, darn it. I'm not saying it'll never be used for an AU thingy.

Summary: Johnson the Koopa Troopa, a mole of the Mushroom Kingdom, joins the Koopa Troop as the 100,015th member. With numbers like that, they must be unstoppable.. Right? Little does he know, Bowser started counting from 100,000 and that’s only the start of the issues with this place.

Inspiration: Here's a total genre shift but this was inspired by the fact that Hitler (yes that Hitler) was the 555th member of the Nazis Party, but they started counting at 500!!! Anyway, this ain't about them, this stories about fun. Enjoy!

[KT]Members: 1. Bowser 2. Junior 3. Ludwig 4. Lemmy 5. Roy 6. Iggy 7. Wendy 8. Morton 9. Larry 10. Kamek 11. Kammy 13. Captain Boo 14. Captain Goomba 15. Captain Shy guy 16. Johnson

Chapter 1:Johnson joins. Find something seems not legit. Struggling army lose against Mario bros but Johnson escapes with infinity lives stone. X naut ship lands with Grodus Soldier named Johnson.

Grodus will attempt to clone X-nauts but clone Johnson, resulting in the 100,060 amount which will actually let them defeat Mario.

The green shelled Koopa Troopa had traveled endlessly it felt when he reached Bowser Castle. His green boots were speckled with holes and his yellow toes swelled. Empty handed, his travel bag of supplies were long exhausted before trekking across the border of the eight known Mushroom World, Dark Land. He’d himself originated from the Mushroom Kingdom, enemy territory. That was not to be discovered by his new ‘employers’ if he could help it. He’d travel all the way by foot to avoid suspicion so he wouldn’t blow it before he got through the castle doors.

He crossed the blistering heat of the draw bridge, lava pooling only a few meters below to knock on the two story sized wood and iron door. The aura of the area sent shivered down his spine. He had no clue how Mario had stormed this location not once but twice. That was another part of his mission, to understand the limitless about of minions Bowser could throw.

[Random isolated bits]His white knuckles made no noise. A closer look revealed; He had to figure out for the sake of his liege ruler, Princess Peach and by extension; trip for fame and fortune.