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-Database #2- Secondary, newer, rarer, more obscure Jacksons!

Here are all the Jacksons not covered on the main page HERE. As usual an asterisk means more research is needed over some sort of specification.

  1. Jackson Super Dinky
  2. Jackson San Dimas
  3. Jackson Fusion
  4. Jackson JTX
  5. Jackson Infinity
  6. Jackson Futura Bass
  7. Jackson JPB Bass
  8. Scott Ian JJ
  9. Jackson Stealth
  10. Jackson SS
  11. Jackson FB
  12. Jackson JRS
  13. Jackson JZB and JMP bass
  14. Jackson Surfcaster
  15. Jackson Anti Gravity Bass
  16. Jackson Monarkh and MF-1
  17. Jackson Dominion
  18. Jackson Star
  19. Jackson Kelly Bird
  20. Misha Juggernaut and others
  21. Phil Demmel Fury
  22. Jackson Baritone
  23. Rob Caggiano Shadowcaster
  24. Jackson Spectra
  25. Jackson Concrode
  26. Misc JS Series
  27. Misc or Unique Jackson models
  28. Jackson Stars USA
  29. Jackson Stars MIJ '02
  30. Jackson Stars MIJ '04,'05 and Signature
  31. Jackson Stars MIJ '07,'08 and Misc.

Jackson Super Dinky: Not the Japanese domestic ‘Super Dinky’ which is what we’d consider a ‘Fusion’ but a short lived ‘smaller and lighter.. ultra comfortable and compact’ Dinky with a thicker rounder neck, quoted at 21mm at the first fret from the 1996 catalog.

Jackson San Dimas: This is more of a Charvel thing, but Jackson does have a few guitars under this label. These are more traditional super-strat styled guitars with strat bodies.

Jackson Fusion: A short lived but interesting line of guitars. They are all bolt on ‘Dinky’ body 24.75 scale guitars with 24 frets and a locking tremolo. They also feature basswood bodies and sculpted heels, and maple necks with ebony or rosewood fretboards. Perhaps to take on a more Gibson-ish tone, many of these featured humbucking/rail pickups in the neck and middle positions. The last was the Fusion ‘FX1’ from around 1996.

Jackson JTX: Jackson JTX: Jackson’s version of the Charvel TTX also from 1993. A radical single-cut guitar with extra switches for more tonal controls.

Jackson Infinity: A somewhat hot rodded take on a Gibson LP type guitar. 1992-93 only and Professional series.

Jackson Futura Bass: A line of fast playing and deeply contoured basses based off of the Kip Winger model. Professional series. There is a Grover Jackson Futrua, but that will be covered in the Japanese Domestic section.

Jackson JPB Basses: A short lived line of ‘boutique’ inspired basses, likely due to a resemblance to the Marleaux ‘Consat’. You won’t see any in catalogs but they are seen in the 1995 price lists in three variants. Perhaps only 1200 ever made. BTW, they are 'Professional Series' too, complete with a truss rod cover stating the model. (See reference material on Jacksonextras page)

Jackson JJ: A series of guitars that were also the signature series for Scott Ian early on.

Jackson Stealth: A 90s only Professional series of lighter thin bodied basswood bolt-on shredders. Also perhaps maybe sort of inspired by the Ibanez S Series…shhh! Notice how reasonably close (except for the HX) the variants are. They don't really have fancy electronics or aesthetics outside of transparent finish options. After 1996 Jackson briefly calls it “Thinline” only to revert back to Stealth in 1997 before it’s gone forever. *Sniff*

Jackson SS: Short scale Series. Introduced in 1996 as an alternative to the Fusion line with more traditional styling and the same neck profile of the SDK guitars. While ‘Professional’ is not on the headstock they are part of that series.

Jackson FB Series: Classic vintage style meets typical Jackson aggression with this firebird like shape. 1996-97.

Jackson JRS: Jackson offering a stripped down superstrat like the good ol days! USA and import.

Jackson JZ/M Series: Called a Jackson Hybrid, you get classic Jazz bass inspired styling.

Jackson Surfcaster: Jackson’s unique take on the 1992- Charvel’s Surfcasters. (Though a Jackson Surfcaster shows in the 1990-91 catalog.) Officially introduced around 1998 and the last iteration ends around 2002 when the Fender buyout occurs. In 1996 however Jackson made another Surfcaster called the OC1. We’ll count that because we can.. We will not count the Shadowcaster however. See it’s own entry.

Jackson Anti Gravity Bass: Uniquely designed basses named after their light weight, appearing in the 2003 catalog only with high end components, available in four and five string. Designed by Harry Fleishman, and looks the part too! USA made. Discontinued quickly but there are CS versions out there.

Monarkh and MF-1: A modern single-cut shape from Jackson, not to be confused with the 90s JJP Jackson. Features 24.75 scale and compound radius fretboard unless noted otherwise. Marty Friedman models are named MF-1 but are the same shape.

Jackson Dominion: A line of signature guitar for Mark Morton of Lamb of God, based (somewhat) off of the SweeTone Jazz’R, a custom shop guitar. Notably these are 24.75 scale and hardtail.

Jackson Star: A classic shape from the 80s reissued as the signature line of Gus G. There is a USA, Pro, and JS series model.

Jackson Kelly Bird: A line of basses taking the left half of a Thunderbird and right half of a Kelly! Also often a signature model for David Ellefson when it’s not the typical Concert Bass.

Jackson Juggernaut and etc: A Dinky inspired shape exclusive to the Misha Mansoor signatures in six and seven string versions, USA or Pro Series. All hardtail with heel mount truss rod access. The Newer So-Cal is a more classic style but still high end.

Demmelition Fury: An explorer like shape and signature other of Phil Demmel.

Jackson Baritone: 27” scale length guitars in seven and eight string versions from 2013-17. Meant for djent and technical metal, it sort of resembles the Chris Broderick Soloists but with deeper cutaways. USA made in neck-thru and bolt-on options with EMG or Dimarzios. Share specs include beveled alder body, compound radius ebony fretboards, black fingerboard with headstock biding, Jackson HT-7/8 string-thru body bridge, Gotoh tuning machines, and Dunlop strap pins.

Jackson Shadowcaster: Has a Outcaster (Surfcaster) shape but otherwise is a dual humbucker and hardtail riff machine. All are signature models for Rob Caggiano of Volbeat.

Jackson Spectra Bass: A new line of active basses with a modern design and less ‘threatening’ appearance than a Concert Bass. Only X and JS series. All sport the ubiquitous Jackson 12”-16” compound radius.

Jackson Concorde: These V guitars are typically custom shop tributes to the prototype Randy is famously pictured with. It’s similar to the modern Rhoads except the body joins the heck sooner, the hardware is gold, it has a vintage style tremolo, and the inlays are block style. There are some standard production ones however as listed below.

Misc JS Series:

Jackson one-off, misc, and unclassified: Single models with no variants or not a series, not to say their design(s) weren’t re-imaged into something else or available as Custom Shop orders.

Jackson Stars USA:

1996-99(?) USA Jackson but sold under Jackson Stars. Being such they also have US graphic options for finishes: Lightning sky, black and white dragon, errie dess, snakeskin, skulls, flames, sunset, standing woman, multi colored dragon, speres, coral sea, turquoise stone. Of note is that although these are from mid to late 90s they feature ‘old school’ USA specs for Jacksons, such as poplar bodies over alder, Schaller tremolos over Original Floyd Roses, and a few downgrades at least ostensibly, like rosewood fretboards over ebony. To make up for that however, we can see a few guitar designs here that would later be implemented in the worldwide market versions, particularly with the Soloists and Dinkys below. All came with hardcases.

MIJ Jackson Stars

Semi Custom Ordering was available. See the order form here. Link

Jackson Stars 2002 (mostly): All neck-thru unless noted

Soloists: w/ DX Softcase unless noted

Archtop Soloist: w/ DX Softcase

Dinky: w/ Softcase

Double-cut Soloist/ NASL: w/ DX softcase case

Stealth: w/ DX softcase

Warrior: w/ DX softcase

Rhoads: w/ DX SCS unless noted

Kelly: w/ DX softcase unless noted

Kelly Star: with DX Softcase

King V: w/ DX Softcase unless noted.

Jackson Stars 2004,05 (mostly) and Signatures: Continuing on with more interesting options. Watch for close variations.

Graphic finishes: Hot Rod Flames, Eerie Dess Swirl, Blood splatter, Stars, Rising Sun, Blue Orange Flames, Pile O’ Skulls, Lightning Sky, Crimson Swirl, Cobalt Blue Swirl, Snow White with Black Pinstripes (on RR, KE, KV, KS, WR), Rising Sun, Desert Camo (sig), Black with Red bevels (sig), Black w/ white polka dots (sig) STS (stars and stripes)





King V

Kelly and Kelly Star

Bolt-on series: Dinky, Rhoads, Kelly, Concert Basses

Finishes: Black, dark metallic blue, dark metallic red, trans black, trans blue, trans red

Signature artist Jackson Stars

Jackson Stars 2007-08: There are possibly additional models in another catalog I found, however it is paywalled for some dumb reason. You know who you are..

Jackson SL Series: Soloists

Dinky Series: All dual humbuckers and 24 frets.

RR Series

Kelly Series

King V Series

‘Warrier’ Series: Or Warrior

Jackson Stars Misc. (Can't verify years, etc.)

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