Paper Mario Sticker Star: Dark elements

And you thought that the removal of a story was the scariest thing about this game??? Read on. This is based off an older blog post of mine, short and sweet.

paper mario sticker star enigmansion

No this isn't one of them. Mario's actually having a blast here.

1. When you use a fire based sticker on an enemy, they turn to ashes and blow away, their remains scattering in the winds forever...

2. After you defeat Kamek, who's already old, for the last time he seems to loose his mind a bit and DIES. The game doesn’t acknowledge this at all… It's so spooky, I couldn't center the video below!

3. The Mr. Blizzard boss isn’t even really evil, he just want to not melt. (The sticker crowns make the bosses crazy but no other boss gets a sob story like this one.) That doesn't stop plumbers from frying him to death with heat based stickers though. The game tries to make it bittersweet, see below. He'll say something like 'you'll build me again next year' but obviously that's just to cover the murder attempt. Don't be fooled!

"Spring came and snow started to melt
My body got uncomfortably svelte
I lamented the frail bod I was dealt
A sticker knew my wish was heartfelt"
- Mizzter Blizzard's poem

4. Wiggler’s body is torn apart, but the game treats this like a joke. The body parts are even sentient and can write diary entries. (In fact failure to notice this inconceivable ability could make you permanently lose an entry.) Uh, more weird and gross than dark or disturbing I'm still going to give a trigger warning for the childish image below.

childish drawings

5. During the Snifit or Whiffit game show, they are literally trying to kill you. Completely debased comedy! They are bad guys though so that’s justified but you’re still on a deadly gameshow. Below is an image from Color Splash, yes it returns and gets even worse!

Paper Mario getting killed

6. Most disturbing of all… Mario can’t use anything, not even his own boots without stickers!!!!!!!!! The horrror!!!!!!!!!!!!!!