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Hello and welcome to Mecha's 64 Castles. This is a personal blog, a fan-site for Mario and Nintendo, and a database on various subjects. Feel free to explore the tabs, or read the 'About Me' far below for some background!

Mechas Castles collage

What's new!

Updated signature models of 2023 from Scott Ian and Mark Heylmun (on the Charvel/Jackson page)

In progress project(s) May 2023:

- (STILL MAIN project- near completion) Rewriting Mario and Bowser Frenemies Redux for 2022/3- and porting to other websites (Check My Works tab)

- (Back-burner) H.A.A.E. ii v.2/ A Whole New Level EP (Check The Mario Clash page)

- (Updated as needed) Adding images to Charvel and Jackson guitars database, collecting, and fan page.

- General site fixes.

Completed projects:

  • Mario and Bowser: Frenemies Forever (original 2016) overview series. (see Works tab)
  • Mario Discovery Series (See Mario Oddities tab)
  • Mario and Bowser: Frenemies Forever Redux, story and supplementary material (See Works tab)
  • Hand And Arm Exhaustion 2 (H.A.A.E.) album. (See The Mario Clash tab)
  • Dates to Slammerverse projects. (See Works tabs)
  • About me, contacts, and links

    !This is a fansite/ personal blog/ database for zero profit! All assets used belong to their respective owners unless noted! This site is hand built from scratch. (Obviously at that!) No pre-made assets or web building tools are used in ANY section. I am also the webmaster and sole contributor at the moment, so forgive small errors. If something is outright broken, please contact me.