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What's new!

MAJOR design overhauls!, Updates to Nintendo Adventure Book Guides and articles

Archival section (See My Works tab)

Nintendo Adventure Book #11 Unjust Desserts guide. (See Nintendo Adventure Books tab)

In progress project(s) November 2021:

- Dates to Slammerverse projects. (See Works tabs)

- H.A.A.E. ii v.2/ A Whole New Level EP (Check The Mario Clash page)

- Adding images to Charvel and Jackson guitars database, collecting, and fan page.

Completed projects:

  • Mario and Bowser: Frenemies Forever overview series. (see Works tab)
  • Mario Discovery Series (See Mario Oddities tab)
  • Mario and Bowser: Frenemies Forever Redux, story and supplementary material (See Works tab)
  • Hand And Arm Exhaustion 2 (H.A.A.E.) album. (See The Mario Clash tab)
  • About me, contacts, and links

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