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Hello and welcome to Mecha's 64 Castles. This is a personal blog, a fan-site for Mario and Nintendo, and a database on various subjects. Feel free to explore the tabs, or read the 'About Me' far below for some background!

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What's new!

Added notes on Works (See: Works tab)
Updates on Mario Oddites: Multi-Platform games (See: Mario Oddities)
Supplementary Material on Mario and Bowser: Frenemies Forever Redux (See: Works tab)
Subsequent Observations album (Check The Mario Clash page)

Major work on Charvel page (See Charvel Jackson tab)

2024 Jackson models (See: Charvel Jackson tab),
Imported all fan-fictions of C. Mechayoshi. (See: Works and Personal Collections tabs) Updated 'About Me' section (see far below), Updated Nintendo Adventure Book Guides (see: tab)

In progress project(s) February 2024:

- Completing Charvel page, Adding thumbnails to Database entries

- General site fixes, images, formatting, errors

Completed projects (newest to to oldest):

About me, contacts, and links

!This is a fansite/ personal blog/ database for zero profit! All assets used belong to their respective owners unless noted! This site is hand built from scratch in Web 1.0 style. (Obviously at that!) No pre-made assets or web building tools are used in ANY section. I am also the webmaster and sole contributor at the moment, so forgive small errors. If something is outright broken, please contact me.